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Andrew Cuomo has been in two high-profile relationships. He was married to Kerry Kennedy ⁠— the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and the niece of John F. Kennedy ⁠— for 13 years. Andrew Cuomo, who’s single for the first time in a decade after a 2019 break-up with celebrity chef Sandra Lee, is a self-proclaimed “luv guv.” He also, straight from the governor’s ... Who is Andrew Cuomo dating? Andrew Cuomo is currently dating Sandra Lee. The couple started dating in 2006 and have been together for around 14 years, 8 months, and 10 days. The American Politician was born in Queens on December 6, 1957. Democratic politician who became New York’s 56th Governor in 2011. Andrew Cuomo is a 62 year old American Politician\/Public Servant. Born Andrew Mark Cuomo on 6th December, 1957 in Queens, New York, USA, he is famous for 56th Governor of New York. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Andrew Cuomo is a member of the following lists: Fordham University alumni, American Roman Catholics and Kennedy family. Contribute Update, March 26, 2020: We initially wrote this dating profile for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sept. 26, 2019, after it was confirmed that he and his longtime girlfriend Sandra Lee broke up. Within the past week, this article has become one of the most read articles on our website, which we can only assume is a reflection of Cuomo’s newfound heartthrob status. Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be guiding New York through a pandemic, but he sure seems ready to get back on the dating scene after learning he is a hot commodity among New York women. “I am eligible ... Gov. Andrew Cuomo and longtime girlfriend Sandra Lee are no longer living together, sources told The Post, amid rumors that they have broken up. They started dating about 14 years ago. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's dating life has not gone unnoticed in the novel coronavirus spotlight, but he tells PEOPLE he won't consider dating until the country is past the pandemic Well, those with Cuomo crushes might be in luck, although he’s a little busy right now. Cuomo is single. City and State New York even made him a fake dating profile, writing in 2019, “Andrew ... Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s still one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. Cuomo, 62, who split from longtime girlfriend Sandra Lee last year, twice said “no” when asked if he was dating ...

The last game of President Trump: Breaking the coup attempt of the Democratic Party and the enemy of the country

2020.09.18 03:24 NamNguyen56 The last game of President Trump: Breaking the coup attempt of the Democratic Party and the enemy of the country

The last game of President Trump: Breaking the coup attempt of the Democratic Party and the enemy of the country

The last game of President Trump: Breaking the coup attempt of the Democratic Party and the enemy of the country
The closer you get to the election day (November 3), you can feel the heat from all sides surrounded the ballot box, from the Democratic Party's push to vote by mail to the application of the military to the election. or not? It can be said that President Trump is facing a lot of pitfalls of the righteous "enemy" in the heart of the country.
But as a "warrior" of difficult space, it can be said that the current decisions and statements of President Trump have pushed "the opponent" into the situation ... do not know where to go. 2020: The Democratic Party's "n" coup attempt
In February 2020, after many failed "coups" since Trump entered the White House (January 2017), Democrats and other underground State forces plotted to "oust" President Trump. out of the White House with a "farce" or "farce", and it ultimately failed miserably.
When the "tricks" are applied based on both "subjective and objective" factors such as the Wuhan virus, shutting down the economy, destroying riot, abolishing the police ... counterproductive, more precise. is a huge failure again, now the Democratic "rulers" are openly talking about staging a "coup".
Starting with statements from the US Department of Defense to quietly guide public opinion that the military will not obey the orders of the President. All of the above statements are from former generals - most of them are those who served under former President Barack Obama, and helped "spread" by Big Media to the American public. In July 2018, CNN once "revealed" that a series of generals in the Trump administration were disobeying his requests. And CNN, New York Times ... try to "illustrate" so that the American people believe that the President of the United States cannot afford to become the most powerful man in the world. (first)
CNN opened up, Defense Secretary James Mattis - then among those "disobedient" top officials - is said to have made disparaging comments on President Trump on matters related to Syria and North Korea, with the comments "Mr. Trump understands these issues at the level of an elementary school student".
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman John Hyten, who is responsible for America's top nuclear command, said he opposes President Trump's order on a nuclear strike if that is " illegal". As for CNBC, incumbent Defense Secretary Mark Esper opposes the introduction of the Resurrection Act - allowing President Trump to deploy US troops in active service - in response to civil unrest caused by Antifa, Black Lives Matter caused in major cities across the US in May 2020. (2) As the riots intensified by domestic terrorist groups, with the "help" of the Democratic governors run earlier in June, Defense Secretary Mark Esper declared publicly announced in the media that the President should not invoke the Resurrection Act.
The left-wing media massively released this information, simultaneously interpreting and dissecting the Secretary of Defense's message: “Mr. President, don't tell us to do it, because we won't, And he knows what will happen after that.
All these "tricks" of the left-wing media have "breathed relay" for candidate Joe Biden to confidently assert to Fox News that the military will "escort [Trump] from the White House with an official dispatch." great ”if the president refuses to leave office. And yet, former Vice President Al Gore (under the Bill Clinton administration) also publicly agreed with this view of Joe Biden. (3)
You may think that this is just a "joking" comment of a "patient" with dementia, and of a "hideout" who always offers "renaissance" campaign policies to America. from inside the basement of the house he is in.
But Democrats are not accidentally "innocent" as you think. They have a methodical strategy to "brainwash" the American people step by step before "coup", even for Mr. Joe Biden "doze" to say innocuous statements as above. Democrats are not accidentally "innocent" as you think. They have a methodical strategy to "brainwash" the American people step by step before "coup". (Getty)
It is no coincidence that the Washington Post recently (September 3) published an article titled: "What's the worst that could happen ..." The article publicly outlined a scenario, in which "Trump won," the Democrats desperate and vice versa. (4)
They purposely leaked a summer story about a meeting of about 100 Democrats who were former "anti-Trump" Republicans and other underground powers. (following the devilish trend of billionaire George Soros) together "play the lottery" - outlined different options and results in the 2020 election.
The end result is an absolute victory of the current President Trump. However, Bill Clinton's former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta (who plays Joe Biden) refused to give in, pressuring states that Trump had won the Democratic nomination for the main vote. formula of the Electoral College, and is confident that the military will take care of the rest. (5) This
deliberately "leaked" report shows that, if there is "dispute" from the post-election tally, then "technocratic solutions, courts and dependence on elites comply by standards is not the answer ”. Which it promises, what will happen after the November elections will be "a street fight, not a war of riot.
The underground powers and Democrats have outlined a bold plan to topple President Trump if he is re-elected. (Getty)
That means Big Media has "confirmed" to the American public that the possibility of post-election rioting (if President Trump is re-elected) will occur. Add two other baselines that can't be ignored.
The first data is that on August 11, Representatives Elissa Slotkin (Michigan) and Mikie Sherrill (New Jersey) wrote an open letter to General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the letter, two Democrats urged General Mark Milley to deploy the 82nd Airborne Division to "escort" President Trump out of the Oval Office at 12:01 p.m. on January 20, 2021 for Joe Biden to "continue. The White House. (6)
The letter is the most obvious answer to the Democratic conspiracy right after candidate Joe Biden offered his "idea": If President Trump loses in the 2020 election (and if he refuses to give in ), then the Democrats may have to "ask" the military to escort him out of the White House.
The second data is that just about a month later, Hillary Clinton publicly declared that Joe Biden should not give in to the election "under any circumstances". (7) This does not sound like the "rhetoric" of a great politician, of a major political party.
All the above facts show that the Democrats are once again planning to "coup" President Donald Trump even if he wins over Joe Biden in the 2020 election.
Why Big Media and the Citizen Party Owner openly conspired "coup"?
The answer is simple, because the Deep State forces know that, for this coup "conspiracy" to succeed, it must not seem like a conspiracy. And at all times, wherever they are, they need to instill in the minds of the American people and the world public that, illegally removing President Trump from his term is partly due to the "fault" of yourself: Fascist dictator, entrenched power etc and so forth
They "brainwash" the American people not to mind Joe Biden's "extravagant" statement, that President Trump will refuse to leave the White House when he believed he had won legally. But what they want to emphasize through the "firm" statement of Hillary Clinton that: Joe Biden should not lose under any circumstances.
The focus of the Democratic Party's coup "conspiracy" is by all means to exaggerate the risk of pandemic Wuhan virus, with the help of CDC, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma to stop the people. The United States voted directly, which in turn led to voting by mail. This is a form to create conditions for Democrats to cheat votes and "buy time" to count votes.
The Deep State powers know that in order for this coup "plot" to succeed, it must not act like a conspiracy.
In early September, the Hawkfish analysis firm (backed Joe Biden) announced that there was a chance that President Trump would win a landslide match on election night (November 3), but could lose. after the Democrats tally their mail ballots.
Hawkfish's director, Josh Mendelsohn, said a possible scenario when President Trump holds a 408-130 electoral ballot on election night, but has only 15% of the vote. by mail is checked. But after all the votes were counted, the company predicted Joe Biden "eventually won a big, 334-204 win."
Mr. Mendelsohn said: “When every legitimate vote is checked and we reach the last day, which is the day after Election Day, reality shows what happened on the exact election night. as such. Looks like Donald Trump took the lead, and he basically won't win when every vote counts. "
Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said that Americans have to get used to thinking that the election results may take "weeks" to be confirmed after the vote (November 3), and "status "Civil unrest is possible."
Twitter announced that they will delete any tweet declaring victory before the election results are confirmed. Meaning Twitter indirectly confirmed, the platform would prevent President Trump's supporters from challenging the legitimacy of any delay in announcing winners.
The worst case scenario will result in some states having ambiguous votes. Then a fierce dispute will happen to the point where no one can accurately declare the winner. Of course, then a whole system of Underground State behind "back", will help Democrats declare Joe Biden final victory.
America "runs out" if Joe Biden and Democrats win.
As President Trump once warned, if Joe Biden wins, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will take over America. At the same time, many observers also found that America, under the leadership of Joe Biden, would follow a socialist model.
This should come as no surprise, given that Joe Biden has a close "history", with the CCP leaders, openly downplaying the threat from China as well as his "demographic" campaigning policies. always attaching special importance to high taxes, supporting abortion, similar to the socialist democratic model.
The dangerous thing is, if Joe Biden and the Democrats somehow "take over" the White House in this 2020 election, they will change the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, by canceling the Second Amendment. 2 (allowing Americans the right to own guns), opening up the border so that millions of illegal immigrants enter the United States, causing job "bleeding" and chaos.
At the same time, Democrats will keep all political dissidents - true Americans - silent. Under the mighty power of the Underground State, opposition Americans, patriotic Americans, and traditional rightists will be tightly censored.
Believers, Christians will be intimidated, beaten, and even executed by domestic terrorist groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and even executed, whose law (of the Democratic Party) will protect them in a favorable way. ethnic minorities. All Christian speeches will be "criminalized", and the Bible will be outlawed.
America is embraced by Marxist left-wing ideology. The riots over the past three months in the United States have demonstrated an ever darker outlook after the election, and show that the extreme left is a frantic, authoritarian, anti-American "sect."
The radical left "nurtured" and activated by the mainstream media, launched a violent communist revolution against America's values ​​of freedom and democracy.
Big Media, Big Tech has demonstrated dangerous lawlessness by censoring all speeches online, protesting the radical liberal's psychotic delusions. The ultimate purpose of this underworld is: Full power to rule, eliminate police and censor people with opposing views.
In the future, America is no longer a shore of Freedom, but becomes a country like the country the CCP is running: Disrespecting the law and upholding the "law of the forest". Every American election from now on will be easily manipulated, stolen, cheated, or altered with violence by leftists who hate America, and despise all Americans who love. True water.
President Trump - lonely warrior: "Quick quenching" violence
Of course, all the above actions are prevented by President Donald Trump.
The Politico newspaper reported that on September 10, President Trump threatened to "quell ... very quickly" the riots on election night (November 3), if the Democrats were dissatisfied. Street after his victory. (8)
The remarks were made in an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, in which President Trump was asked how he would react to riots if he was declared the winner. on November 3. (9)
We will take them down very quickly if they do. We have the right to do that. We have the power to do it, if we want to… "(Getty)
"We will take them down very quickly if they do," replied the President. We have the right to do that. We have the power to do it, if we want to ... Look, it's called rebellion. We just send, and we do it, very easily. I mean, it's very easy. I don't want to do it because there is no reason, but if we have to do so, we will do it and solve the problem within minutes ”.
President Trump appears to be referring to the National Emergency Act - a law dating back to 1807 - that allows the President to deploy troops in the country for enforcement in certain emergencies. In other words, President Trump is declaring that he will deploy his army to end the rebellions.
There have been many analyzes and comments after this statement of President Trump. One of them is that President Trump will introduce the Resurrection Act shortly after the election. This allows the President to invoke the executive powers of the Fourteenth Amendment, in which paragraph 3 states:
“Anyone who is a member of Congress, or an official of the United States, or a member of a state legislature, or an administrative or judicial official of any state has made a declaration. o swear to support the Constitution of the United States but participate in revolts or rebellions against the Constitution or assist or lie in enemies, cannot be a senator or a deputy in Congress, or a representative voters to elect the President and Vice President, or in charge of any civil or military agency of the United States or of a certain state. But Congress can with 2/3 votes of two-thirds of the members of each House to reject the above prohibition. (From vi.wikisource) (10)
The Fourteenth Amendment was approved in 1868, shortly after the Civil War. President Trump could use this Amendment to order the arrest of a series of traitors, while stripping Electoral College votes from states participating in an overt revolt against the United Nations. USA.
That means President Trump has the power to remove the powers of governors, mayors, judges, lawmakers or military leaders who have granted "aid or commissar" to the anti-insurgent / rebellion. back to the United States.
That also means Democrats Gavin Newsom (California), Kate Brown (Oregon), Jay Inslee (Washington) and Andrew Cuomo (New York), and many left-wing mayors like Ted Wheeler (Portland), Lori Lightfoot (Chicago) and Bill de Blasio of (New York City) will be stripped of power.
President Trump will likely declare first that an illegal nationwide rebellion is in progress, and then deploy troops to quell the riots and restore the rule of law.
Extreme violence, and anarchy in Democratic-run states like this one, and likely to get even more intense shortly after the election, will give President Trump a rationale. it was justifiable for him to declare sending troops to these rebellious states.
u The 14th Judgment will allow President Trump to deprive mayors, governors, and MPs of the Democratic Party if riots do break out. (Getty)
This was not an act of "martial law" because President Trump remained at the helm of the country, and America was not run by a military general. Rather, the military is being deployed as a tool of the President to crack down on illegal rebellions.
Radical leftists are frantically burning, destroying, dismantling everything of America, from business to historic sites, harassing electoral sites, and deconstructing the foundation. the republic to replace the totalitarian socialist regime - will be abolished.
Of course, once the riots were abolished, this military deployment would cease, and the United States returned to a civil society. However, Underground State forces like Big Media and Big Tech will not sit and sit still once President Trump starts the Resurrection Act.
This "insane" faction will accuse President Trump of being a "military dictator" as they have long been attributed to him.At the same time, the Underground State forces will call on leftists to protest and rise. teach in the way that billionaire George Soros's Open Society Fund typically funds "color revolutions" that overthrow governments around the world.
His Open Society Foundation and other coalition organizations are the sponsors, supporters of the Democratic Party and radical liberal leftists, promoting racial wars, riots. , violence and revolution against America.
George Soros - the man behind many revolutions, riots overthrew the incumbent government worldwide, and profited to get rich through endless wars. (Getty)
George Eliason, investigative reporters of Americans now live in Ukraine, has connected the signs related to administration before Barack Obama with a wicked conspiracy to disturb and disrupt civil society America. This conspiracy is not only aimed at "overthrowing" President Trump from the White House, but also wants to open up a form of government in the line of atheistic communist socialism.
George Eliason released a report alleging that foreign terrorists were brought into the United States by conspiracy by former President Obama and CIA Director John Brennan. This shocking report indicates that the Obama administration "imported" foreign terrorists into the US in preparation for the Antifa / Black Lives Matter uprising, which caused chaos in US cities. (11)
So in recent months, domestic terrorists have been so strong that they shot and killed those who support President Trump, bombed gas bombs and destroyed federal government buildings. and attack the police. This is not difficult to predict that it will inevitably happen - to an even more intense extent - if President Trump is re-elected.
President Trump fully realized that a war against America had begun, and he decided to act decisively to protect America by "manipulating" the enemy when he declared that he would use legal military force and all executive powers of a commander in chief of the United States of America.
President Trump knew what was about to happen, and he molded the enemy by threatening to use the military to completely suppress uprising. (Getty)
President Trump's high-handed move
On August 23, just a day before the Republican National Congress began, President Trump held a major event welcoming the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for allowing emergency use. patient's plasma level COVID-19 was healthy during treatment. A few hours later, it was reported that the Trump administration was considering speeding up the vaccine test to get it and roll it out before the November election.
After voicing out that Democrats could fake votes if they passed the election. Letter, President Trump continued to shock with a statement related to vaccines: "The underground State elements at the FDA are trying to prevent companies from testing vaccines. They are looking to delay vaccines until after election day. 3-11 ", Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter August 22.
According to Bloomberg, the Trump administration is working to dramatically cut the time it takes to develop the coronavirus vaccine, with the goal of giving it enough doses for most Americans by the end of the year. Known as "Warp Speed", the campaign will bring together private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and the military to try to cut the vaccine development time to eight months. (12)
In a matter of weeks In the past, the Trump administration has actively promoted the supply of vaccines on November 1 across the United States. (13) So why choose November 1 to provide vaccines? The answer is: November 1 is important because it is only two days away from the election (November 3). The Warp Speed ​​campaign on the surface involved vaccines, but in reality President Trump was not really "on the hook" with Big Pharma - home to the notorious vaccine manufacturing corporations. And President Trump has relied on this campaign to preserve national security by sending troops in every major city in the United States in an attempt to restore the rule of law, arrest leftist terrorists and traitors.
On March 27, 2020, President Trump issued an executive order that allowed the Pentagon to mobilize US veterans and members of the reserve force, and the National Guard returned to work. Permanent reinforcement for soldiers participating in the Army's COVID-19 pandemic campaign. (14)
The Individual Ready Reserve includes veterans, and members of the Mobilization Reserve, who are considered out of the military and rarely re-convened. These reserves will be deployed as part of the national defense against the Antifa terrorist groups, the Black Lives Matter. All of this could explain why President Trump pushed for the supply of vaccines on November 1, in which the military was sent to the country to "distribute" the vaccine.
This appears to be an extremely daring plan, "based on" the scheming brains of extremist left-wing Democracy - as a way of distributing troops across the country on election day, to prepare for application of the Resurrection Act immediately following elections.
Simply put, President Trump is a President of Law and Order.
Along with the continuous wave of American Police Associations voicing support for President Donald Trump, it can be said that the Democrats are on the same path. In other words, the Democrats were sticking him on his back, and to put it more literally, they were dancing the "music" exactly as the "talented composer": Donald Trump.
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2020.09.14 22:35 psychotrader00 Here is a Market Recap for today, Sept 14. Enjoy!

PyschoMarket Recap - Monday, September 14, 2020
Stocks rose Monday as investors eyes newly announced mergers & acquisitions, positive vaccine news, and a lowering coronavirus infection rate in hotspot states. Tech shares appear to be recovering, opening the day high before paring gains to finish mostly even. The major indexes all closed green, the SPY finished up 1.3%, the QQQ was up 1.7% and the DIA up 1.2%
Today it was announced Oracle (ORCL) made a deal with TikTok parent company ByteDance to become the company’s “trusted technology provider.” The new deal between TikTok and Oracle comes after Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) said Sunday that ByteDance had rejected its buyout offer. National Security Concerns: On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he will be reviewing the proposed deal between ByteDance and Oracle this week. “I will just say from our standpoint, we’ll need to make sure that the code is, one, secure, Americans’ data is secure, that the phones are secure and we’ll be looking to have discussions with Oracle over the next few days with our technical teams,” Mnuchin said.
Elsewhere, NVIDIA (NVDA) announced it was purchasing Arm, semiconductor and software design company from SoftBank Group for $40 billion, the largest ever M&A in the semiconductor industry. Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, said “ Uniting NVIDIA’s AI computing capabilities with the vast ecosystem of Arm’s CPU, we can advance computing from the cloud, smartphones, PCs, self-driving cars and robotics, to edge IoT, and expand AI computing to every corner of the globe.
Gilead (GILD) announced it was acquiring biotech company Immunomedics (IMMU) for $21 billion. Immunomedics developed Trodelvy, an antibody-drug conjugate used to treat triple-negative breast cancer. Trodelvy received FDA approval in April and recorded $20 million in sales in its first two months on the market. Shares of GILD were up 2.22% and IMMU finished 97% up.
AstraZeneca (AZN) announced over the weekend that its late-stage Covid-19 vaccine trials with the University of Oxford resumed after safety concerns over a suspected adverse reaction from a participant made the company pause trials temporarily last week. Shares rose 0.52% today.
Andrew Cuomo reported today, “Of the 63,358 tests reported yesterday, 583 were positive (0.92% of total). Total hospitalizations are at 464. Sadly, there were 4 COVID fatalities yesterday.” The numbers in New York have been steadily decreasing, according to a chart accompanying the statement.
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2020.09.14 22:35 psychotrader00 Here is a Market Recap for today, Sept 14. Enjoy!

PyschoMarket Recap - Monday, September 14, 2020
Stocks rose Monday as investors eyes newly announced mergers & acquisitions, positive vaccine news, and a lowering coronavirus infection rate in hotspot states. Tech shares appear to be recovering, opening the day high before paring gains to finish mostly even. The major indexes all closed green, the SPY finished up 1.3%, the QQQ was up 1.7% and the DIA up 1.2%
Today it was announced Oracle (ORCL) made a deal with TikTok parent company ByteDance to become the company’s “trusted technology provider.” The new deal between TikTok and Oracle comes after Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) said Sunday that ByteDance had rejected its buyout offer. National Security Concerns: On Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he will be reviewing the proposed deal between ByteDance and Oracle this week. “I will just say from our standpoint, we’ll need to make sure that the code is, one, secure, Americans’ data is secure, that the phones are secure and we’ll be looking to have discussions with Oracle over the next few days with our technical teams,” Mnuchin said.
Elsewhere, NVIDIA (NVDA) announced it was purchasing Arm, semiconductor and software design company from SoftBank Group for $40 billion, the largest ever M&A in the semiconductor industry. Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, said “ Uniting NVIDIA’s AI computing capabilities with the vast ecosystem of Arm’s CPU, we can advance computing from the cloud, smartphones, PCs, self-driving cars and robotics, to edge IoT, and expand AI computing to every corner of the globe.
Gilead (GILD) announced it was acquiring biotech company Immunomedics (IMMU) for $21 billion. Immunomedics developed Trodelvy, an antibody-drug conjugate used to treat triple-negative breast cancer. Trodelvy received FDA approval in April and recorded $20 million in sales in its first two months on the market. Shares of GILD were up 2.22% and IMMU finished 97% up.
AstraZeneca (AZN) announced over the weekend that its late-stage Covid-19 vaccine trials with the University of Oxford resumed after safety concerns over a suspected adverse reaction from a participant made the company pause trials temporarily last week. Shares rose 0.52% today.
Andrew Cuomo reported today, “Of the 63,358 tests reported yesterday, 583 were positive (0.92% of total). Total hospitalizations are at 464. Sadly, there were 4 COVID fatalities yesterday.” The numbers in New York have been steadily decreasing, according to a chart accompanying the statement.
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2020.09.14 17:09 ithinkurcute2 55 NYC School Staff Test Positive for COVID Amid New Threats to In-Person Start

55 NYC School Staff Test Positive for COVID Amid New Threats to In-Person Start
  • One week before classes begin in New York City, 55 DOE employees in multiple boroughs have tested positive for COVID-19, Mayor Bill de Blasio said; that's out of nearly 17,000 school-based staff tested
  • In-person learning for all New York City public schools is scheduled to resume Sept. 21; deaths of teachers in at least three other states since school started is generating a new wave of concerns
  • New York's COVID-19 rate of infection has been below 1 percent for more than a month, though officials are concerned about increasing risk accompanying an increase in closer-to-normal activities
Monday marks exactly one week until the re-scheduled return of in-person classes in the nation's largest public school district. Yet parents should be forewarned it could be re-scheduled yet again, as New York City's biggest teachers' union continues to protest what it says is a raw deal on testing.
A total of 55 school-based Department of Education employees have tested positive for COVID-19, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday. That's out of nearly 17,000 tested, marking a positivity rate around 0.3 percent, the mayor said.
"Some people will test positive. And those folks will immediately get support. After two weeks, those professionals will come back to work -- and they'll complete the entire school year," de Blasio said. "The same will happen with students. We have to remember that for the very small percentage of people who test positive for the coronavirus, it is a very temporary reality."
While the 55 positive tests mark a minute percentage of DOE employees tested, United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew says many tests administered two weeks ago are just now coming back. He also says the city isn't launching contact tracing efforts fast enough.
Mulgrew and educators across the five boroughs are pushing for de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza to move to an all-remote learning method for the upcoming school year, citing problems with the testing component of the deal they made with the city that staved off the first potential teachers' strike in decades. As part of that deal, de Blasio agreed to push in-person back from its initial start date of Sept. 10 to Sept. 21 and ramp up school-related testing.
Mulgrew sat 6 feet away from de Blasio earlier this month as the mayor announced the new deal. Lately, Mulgrew has been standing outside of various schools in the five boroughs, claiming the city isn't holding up its end of the bargain on the testing front.
He joined other union reps and educators Monday as they hold a "Not Until It’s Safe" day of action on Monday to protest what they say are unsafe conditions at some school buildings. Nearly 5,000 have signed a petition started by a caucus within UFT to call on a fully remote start to the 2020-21 academic year.
Testing isn't the only concern. School staff say they returned to classrooms to prepare for the new school year last week and found buildings with sinks, windows and toilets still broken. Some reported not having enough personal protective equipment or adequate staffing for the hybrid learning model. Mulgrew said custodial staffs had not yet gotten all the cleaning materials they need. If those hurdles aren't addressed, Mulgrew says the Sept. 21 opening is in jeopardy.
Among the protests planned for Monday are teachers in Sunset Park and Flat Bush section of Brooklyn, who say they will work outdoors over fears they will not protected from COVID-19 while working. Teachers also plan to wear red and picket outside Murry Bergtraum High School in Manhattan with parents.
Ninety-six percent of the city's thousands of public school classrooms passed air inspection, de Blasio said earlier this month. Of the 10 school buildings that failed ventilation inspections, four have gotten the needed repairs, City Hall said -- though a teacher from PS 139 says she found "dirty vents" that were never cleaned as promised by the city. De Blasio and Carranza have both clearly and repeatedly pledged they would not reopen any classroom unless it is safe.
In response to criticism about testing last week, a spokesperson for de Blasio said the city's "public hospital system has worked to make testing as fast and convenient for school-based staff across the city and we are seeing turnaround times within 48 hours for over 95 percent of tests."
"While we continue to navigate the realities of a pandemic, there will be positive cases. We are putting people's health above everything else by quickly identifying and isolating positive cases, which is a leading effort to prevent transmission," the statement continued.
De Blasio announced Monday the city was also making priority testing available for students ahead of the start of the school year -- and creating a DOE COVID Response Situation Room to coordinate responses across multiple groups throughout the year. That will expedite both decision-making and response.
As for the staffing concerns, the mayor also said Monday the city would deploy an additional 2,000 educators to supplement current teams. That number will come from redeployed central staff, long-term substitutes and other temporary staffers.
New clusters are to be expected, de Blasio and Carranza have warned. Citing the problems that have emerged on college campuses across the country and in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also said there will be a degree of that in K-12.
At the same time, he warned -- in no uncertain terms -- that no public school district should reopen in person if it's not ready. Reopening in person too earlier will just cause more disruption because it may mean a re-closure, he said.
The governor also questioned whether the city's COVID positivity test threshold of 3 percent is sufficient when it comes to re-close. More people will take mass transit, more people will be in congregate settings. All that increases exposure.
For his part, de Blasio has said that testing threshold is one of the most stringent in the globe (the city has been well below that 3 percent mark for months now) -- and testing is just one component of the five boroughs' multi-faceted plan.
It's the mitigation efforts -- like mask-wearing, social distancing, hybrid scheduling and other measures -- that the city has layered within its back-to-school framework that will help prevent a single case from exploding, he said.
If one school building does hit 100 cases, Cuomo has recently said that requires an immediate two-week move to all-remote. He also is requiring every single school in New York to report testing and positivity numbers, among other COVID metrics, to the state daily. Each school will be issued a sort of rolling COVID Report Card that parents can assess on a regular basis to "get the facts."
Some schools are moving all-remote well ahead of that 100-case threshold, at least temporarily. Syosset Middle School on Long Island became the latest to do so Monday after a single teacher tested positive for COVID-19.

A teacher from PS 135 said that all the teachers in her building will be working outdoors tomorrow to protest the “unsafe” conditions inside. The photo shows one of the \"dirty vents\" the teacher says were never cleaned as promised.
submitted by ithinkurcute2 to nyc [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 17:36 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th

Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: August 31st - September 6th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.


Date Thread
200910 Hey bangtan! This is idol interviewer, Liam McEwan... AMA!


Date Thread
200912 Happy RM day! [Birthday Compilation thread] - 2020

News & Information

Date Thread
200908 BTS's "Dynamite" is officially No. 1 on this week's #Hot100 chart for a second consecutive week
200909 Prudential Center: Got a question for @bts_bighit? Now's your chance to ask! In the coming days, we will be filming an episode of Mini Masterclass with #BTS.
200910 Weverse now allows users to customize profiles and choose profile pictures as well as follow other users
200910 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "Chicken Noodle Soup" music video on Weverse
200910 USA Today: Grammy Museum launching online streaming service with exclusive Billie Eilish, BTS interviews
200911 BTS will reportedly guest on MBC FM4U's "Bae Cheolsoo's Music Camp", to air on September 14
200912 BTS to guest alongside TXT on I-LAND on the 18th of September at 8PM
200911 BTS to appear as special guests at the Korean American Community Foundation Gala on September 23

Awards & music show wins

Date Thread
200907 BTS has won Best Music Video at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200907 BTS has won Best Fan Army for the 3rd consecutive year at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200909 BTS have taken their 7th win for "Dynamite" on today's Show Champion
200910 BTS have won the Artist Award for the third consecutive year at the Korean Broadcasting Awards
200911 BTS have taken their 8th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
200912 BTS have taken their 9th win for "Dynamite" on today's MBC Music Core
200913 BTS 10th win for "Dynamite" on today's Inkigayo, 100th win overall!

Merchandise news

Date Thread
200907 “Dynamite” Celebration Merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200908 Weverse: BTS Skool Luv Affair Special Addition re-release notice
200908 “Skool Luv Affair Special Addition” re-release presale is now open on Weverse Shop
200908 Bighit Official Merch: In the Soop Merch
200908 In the SOOP BTS ver. Merchandise 01, 02 and 03 will be available on Weverse Shop from September 9, 11AM KST
200908 Skool Luv Affair Special Addition is now available on Amazon!
200909 In the SOOP BTS ver. merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200910 “Break The Silence: The Movie” commemorative merchandise will be available on Weverse Shop from September 10, 11AM KST
200910 “Break The Silence: The Movie” commemorative merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop
200910 Shipping for BTS Memories of 2019 Blu-ray delayed to September 17 due to manufacturing issues

Expired news

Date Thread
200909 BTS to reportedly appear on KBS' 'News 9' on September 10 at 9PM KST
200910 [Exclusive: BTS x KBS] First Live Start At 5pm kst While KBS News Start At 9pm kst

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 200913 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' MV (B-Side) Reaction Thread
In the SOOP 200908 [Behind] In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.3 Memories of a Rainy Day: Behind-the-scenes Thread
In the SOOP 200910 In the SOOP BTS ver. EP.4 Farewell For Now Thread
In the SOOP 200910 [In the SOOP BTS ver.] Official Clip - Ep.5 Thread
Live 200912 RM Vlive: 안녕하세용😁😁 Thread
Teaser 200910 BTS (방탄소년단) 'BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE' Moving Poster Thread
Other 200907 Learn! KOREAN with BTS [EP.27] BTS' Music Making Thread

BTS Interviews & Appearances

  • Comprehensive list of Dynamite interviews HERE
Date Link Thread
200909 SiriusXM: BTS Plays 'This or That' Thread
200909 GQ: BTS Breaks Down Their Style Heroes Thread
200910 SiriusXM Reverse The Verse: BTS Guess Their Songs Played Backwards Thread
200910 KBS X BTS Exclusive Livestream Thread
200910 KBS News9 Interview with BTS Thread
200910 [Compilation] BTS @ NBC Today Show
200911 CNN: BTS on making music, watching Netflix and working out during quarantine Thread
200911 Reuters: BTS Revels In A Milestone But Misses Celebrating With Fans Thread
200912 BTS perform "Dynamite" on NTV's 'The Music Day'
200914 BTS on MBC Radio (Music Camp), 1800hrs kst. Eng subs will be available. Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
200908 Weverse Compilation
200908 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200908 Twitter BigHit Entertainment Thread
200908 Twitter Bangtan Thread
200908 Twitter Bangtan: teamwork makes the dream work ! Thread
200908 Twitter BTS Twitter Compilation (No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 2nd Consecutive Week)
200910 Twitter Today’s Bangtan @ KBS Thread
200910 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200910 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ TODAY Citi Music Series Thread
200911 TikTok Jin on TikTok Thread
200912 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200912 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200912 Twitter BTS Japan Official Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
200907 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' Video Ads
200907 Visit Seoul - j-hope
200907 Samsung Mobile: Ding-dong. Just your favorite @BTS_twt chillin’ out with the #GalaxyNote20. #GalaxyxBTS
200907 Spotted 🐨: BTS’s #RM chillin` with the #GalaxyNote20 @BTS_twt #GalaxyxBTS
200907 Samsung Mobile x BTS Tweet Compilation
200908 Hyundai Lifestyle - BTS Voice Messages
200908 Visit Seoul - Jin
200908 Samsung Mobile: Suit up – something big is on its way. 👔
200909 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - Jin ver.
200909 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - jhope ver.
200909 Visit Seoul - Jungkook
200909 Samsung Mobile: Your grand ideas will never go off track. 💡
200910 [SEOUL X BTS] SEE YOU IN SEOUL D-1 (Jimin)
200910 Samsung Mobile: Living proof that an epic gaming sesh can happen anytime, anywhere. 🎮
200911 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - JungKook ver.
200911 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - SUGA ver.
200911 Bodyfriend Chuseok Event
200911 #BTS X #SEOUL..I hope the first destination will be “SEOUL” when the trip starts!!
200912 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' - RM ver.
200912 [FILA] BTS 'Go Beyond' Video Ads
200913 GalaxyxBTS: The Strange Tailor Shop 👔
200913 Samsung Mobile: A feast for your senses. Arriving soon. 🎂


Date Publisher Article Thread
200906 Forbes Meet The New Anonymous—100 Million BTS ARMY And K-Pop Stans, A Cyber Threat To Be Reckoned With Thread
200907 K-media MCST and KCTI find estimated economic impact of “Dynamite” to be 1.7T KRW (1.43B USD), even after accounting for the effects of the pandemic on tourism Thread
200907 Pulse Korea To Build On BTS Success By Launching Online Kpop Concert Platform Thread
200907 Yonhap Feature Big Hit Edu aims to help global ARMY connect with BTS via Korean learning Thread
200907 Business Times 'Jungkook Effect' Boosts Milk Sales In The U.S. Thread
200909 Pulse Major Kpop Labels Sharing Windfall From BTS Feat And Bighit IPO Thread
200910 NBC K-Pop band BTS to become multimillion-dollar shareholders in their music label, in latest industry shift Thread
200911 Variety Deconstructing BTS’ ‘Dynamite’: Vocal Producer Jenna Andrews Reveals Method to the Magic Thread

SNS Mentions

Date Link Thread
200906 Rivers Cuomo Thread
200909 TalkOfTheCharts updates their Billboard Hot100 predictions, putting ‘Dynamite’ at #1 for the second week in a row. Thread
200908 Son Sung Deuk Instagram “again!!!” Thread
200908 MAX Thread
200909 Instagram: Jin’s brother post pic at bus stop from “You Never Walk Alone” album cover. Thread
200911 Brandi Hitt (ABC7 LA News Anchor): Dynamite on ABC7's Friday Dance Party. Thread
200912 Red Bull Gaming Thread
200913 Instagram Post: Son Sung-deuk celebrating his VMA win for Best Choreography for "On." Thread

Other media

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Cover 200905 Eric Nam covering eight by IU (Prod.&Feat. SUGA) Thread
Video 💜 200907 (Go to) Lotte Duty Free Website now to preregister for the Lottle Duty Free Online Family Concert Thread
Video 200907 E! News: Justin Bieber Explains Why BTS' "Dynamite" Is Such a Big Deal Thread
Video 200907 BBY GANG CONVERSATIONS: BTS ARMY Journalism with Brian Patrick Byrne(@bybrianbyrne) Thread
Video 200908 Park Bogum sings Tomorrow by BTS in a scene in new TVN drama Record of Youth Thread
Video 200910 BTS Dynamite Sing with me by DKDKTV and Korean YouTubers (Lip Sync Challenge) Thread
Video 200912 Kelly Clarkson singing the lyrics to the song "I'm too sexy" over BTS’ Dynamite instrumental on Fallon Thread
Video 💜 200912 BTS video message for 9th K-Pop contest in India Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200907 "Dynamite" remains at #1 on the Digital Song Sales chart. (182K sold)
Charts/Sales 200907 Chart Data: BTS’ "Dynamite" is now the #1 best selling download released in 2020 in the US.
Charts/Sales 200909 Dynamite has now achieved 222 PAKs, the most for any idol group song
Charts/Sales 200909 BTS Becomes The First Idol Group In History To Surpass 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAKs) Overall On Korean Digital Charts
Charts/Sales 200912 Dynamite becomes the first and only song by an idol group (and second song overall) in Korean chart history to achieve 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAK)
Likes 200908 "DNA" by @BTS_twt Official MV has now hit over 16M likes on YouTube, their 3rd MV to do so after Boy With Luv & Dynamite!
Streams 200908 BTS Has Reached 25+ MILLION (+471k) of Monthly Listeners on Spotify with 25+ MILLION (This is the highest peak for a Korean Act)
Streams 200909 BTS Spotify account has now gained more streams in 2020 (252 days) than they did in 2019. The 2019 total was 3.64 B.
Streams 200913 "Dynamite" by BTS becomes the 1st song by a foreign act to surpass 200k streams in a day on Spotify Jpn, a new highest daily peak since its release!
Streams 200913 BTS's "Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey~" Album has Surpassed 200 MILLION Streams on Spotify (2nd Japanese Language Album to achieve this)
Views 200909 BTS has surpassed 4 Billion YouTube views across official videos in 2020 remaining the most viewed act this year on this platform

BTS Universe Story

Date Link Thread
200907 BTSUniverseStory : That day, our spring day Anything seemed possible when we were together How will our spring day play out? Thread
200908 BTS Universe Story: The lights in the subway car suddenly go out. JiMin, TaeHyung, and JungKook plunge into darkness. The intercom is silent - what's next? Thread
200909 BTS Universe Story - Test: Who's the protagonist of your story? Thread
200910 BTS Universe Story to launch on September 24 Thread
200911 BTS Universe Story: The sun hasn't set in 4 days. JiMin's disappeared, so TaeHyung waits. One day, two men speak to him... Thread
200912 BTS Universe Story: The mood in the research lab is tense as NamJoon nervously awaits the results. He suddenly shouts in jubilation... Thread
200913 BTS Universe Story: Cheers fill the stadium. JungKook catches his breath as he looks up at the crowd chanting his name. Thread


Date Link Thread
200909 TinyTan: Do you sense an aroma of cuteness in this latte ☕, too? Thread
200912 TinyTAN: Don't want to be away from you for even a second! The new #TinyTAN that sticks close to you! Thread
200912 TinyTan Minifigures coming soon! Thread


Date Link Thread
200910 Piling on sweetness on sweetness on sweetness on....🍭 Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
200910 #BT21_UNIVERSE #DOLL_SERIES Limited sale starts NOW!


Date Thread
200908 Namjoon's Birthday Flash Fundraiser!
200909 I made a tutorial for how to play Dynamite on piano! Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll.
200911 [Throwback] Seven years ago today, BTS released "O!RUL8,2?" and music video for title track "N.O"
200911 "Break the silence: the movie" spoiler thread


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Submitter Thread
teteotolis I've painted V 😅 (I think I'll paint RM soon xD ! )
Dizzyxxoo Jungkook Fanart [OC]
AUOGil82 This year’s birthday drawing for Namjoon~! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
libellendrache I started pyrography recently and branded the LY logo
Dizzyxxoo JK Fanart [OC]
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2020.08.24 17:17 TalonHusk America is dying

America is in most dire straits it has ever been since the civil war. The political class is almost completely corrupt. Republicans just want to ignore the problems and moderate democrats like Biden are either mentally handicapped dinosaurs or disingenuous liars like Harris. Harris accused Biden of rape and then happily agreed to work with him when she chosen for the vice presidency. Then when asked about it she laughed and said it was a "debate". Democrat governor's allow BLM protests to go on while anyone else doing anything else is fined.Just recently Andrew Cuomo Gov of NY allowed the VMA award shows to go on by exempting them from quarantine while normal peasants get arrested for crossing New Yorks borders. Democrats will do anything to get Trump out. In the DNC a bunch of celebrities came out in support of Biden.Biden will just mainatin the status quo and will stand by stuttering as the rich get richer and their influence spreads through all of politics. I'm not a fan of trump by any means but at least he has some charisma.Joe forgets where he is once a week.At the end of the day Biden is a trojan horse for Harris who will do anything to get elected( including dating a former San Francisco Governor who admitted he influenced her career). At this point the only person who can redeem Anerica is Bernie Sanders the person who is actually stuck to his guns and instead of bending over to the rich and powerful( like George Soros who gave 50 MILLION to biden) he actually fought them but now that he's gone it's over. I'm not even a liberal and I disagree with Bernie on everything but he was the last chance. Biden is as bad as Trump , he won't do anything to stop the powerful class of politicians and businessmen . More billionaires support Biden than Trump( 131 biden and 99 for trump according to forbes). And on top of all of this coronavirus is strangling the economy as the billionaires added half a trillion to their wealth while 40 million American filed for unemployment. It's over, it's been a good run America.
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2020.08.18 04:21 NamNguyen56 Tonight’s line up Joe Biden is incompetent Unsubscribe

Tonight’s line up Joe Biden is incompetent <> Unsubscribe

Tonight’s line up
Joe Biden is incompetent [email protected] Unsubscribe
Mon, Aug 17 at 6:53 PM
Trump Pence Make America Great Again
Did you see the President’s email? Here’s a quick look at your donor profile.
Presidential Defense Task Force Status: INACTIVE
He didn’t just send that email to anyone. He sent it to you for a reason. He’s calling on his strongest defenders to come together and stand firm against the nasty lies coming from the Mainstream media and their Democrat Partners this week during their corrupt Convention.
Tonight, Crazy Bernie, Michelle Obama, failed presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, Fredo’s brother: Andrew Cuomo, and Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, are all taking the stage where they’ll do nothing but spread FAKE NEWS about OUR President.
As one of President Trump’s BEST supporters, he was disappointed to see you hadn’t already activated your status as a charter member of the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force.
We haven’t sent him the updated official roster yet because we wanted to give you ONE MORE CHANCE to step up and get on the list that we give President Trump.
This is SO important that President Trump has even activated an EMERGENCY 600%-MATCH on your next contribution when you join the Task Force.
Please contribute ANY AMOUNT TODAY to join our 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force and your gift will be instantly 600%-MATCHED. >>
America's Defenders
CONTRIBUTE $250 = $1750
CONTRIBUTE $100 = $700
CONTRIBUTE $50 = $350
CONTRIBUTE $42 = $294
We are in the fight of our lives right now, and the President is counting on Nam from Pennsylvania to be there with him on the front lines of this nasty battle.
President Trump wants to know who stood with him during this critical time. We’re sending him the membership roster soon and we want him to see YOUR NAME at the very top.
Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to join the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force and to get on the list we give President Trump.
Thank you,
Team Trump 2020
CONTRIBUTE $42 = $294
--------- Forwarded Message --------- From: Donald J. Trump Subject: Defend your Nation
Trump Pence Make America Great Again
Can you believe that the Radical Do Nothing Democrats think they can beat me?
Sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris are nothing more than puppets being used by the Radical Left. How Pathetic.
The Democrat Convention this week is going to be a test of our resolve, Nam. The attacks will be nasty, and the lies will only get worse. Remember, they’re not just after me, they’re after YOU and everything you stand for.
We need to FIGHT BACK. I just launched the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force, and I’m calling on only my most trusted supporters to join - true American Patriots, like YOU.
As a member of the Task Force, I’ll be relying on YOU to DEFEND the White House, and the entire Country, from the Democrat’s radical agenda. YOU will be responsible for setting the record straight for MILLIONS of Americans across the Nation.
Your support is so CRITICAL that I’ve activated an EMERGENCY 600%-MATCH ON YOUR NEXT CONTRIBUTION when you join the TASK FORCE.
Please contribute ANY AMOUNT TODAY to join our 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force and your gift will be instantly 600%-MATCHED.
America's Defenders
CONTRIBUTE $250 = $1750
CONTRIBUTE $100 = $700
CONTRIBUTE $50 = $350
CONTRIBUTE $42 = $294
These two Corrupt SOCIALISTS have vowed to destroy everything my Administration has built. They don’t care about you, Nam. They never have and they never will.
I’ve asked to see a list of EVERY Patriot who steps up TODAY to join the Task Force. I’ll be looking for your name.
Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to join the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force and to get on the FIRST list I see.
Thank you,
President Trump Signature Headshot Donald J. Trump President of the United States
CONTRIBUTE $42 = $294
Contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.
Trump Make America Great Again Committee, 725 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10022
We believe this is an important way to reach our grassroots supporters with the most up-to-date information regarding the efforts of the Trump Make America Great Again Committee and President Trump, and we’re glad you’re on our team. It’s because of grassroots supporters like you that we will Make America Great Again, and we appreciate your support. Thank you for all that you do!
Privacy Policy Unsubscribe
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2020.08.15 13:01 autotldr New York museums, galleries to reopen from Aug 24

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)
NEW YORK: New York's museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions will be allowed to reopen starting Aug 24, state governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday after a five-month shutdown due to the coronavirus.
The reopening does not include performing arts venues, which will remain shut until the end of the year.
READ: Teachers in car parades protest reopening US schools while COVID-19 lurksREAD: COVID-19 outbreak in hard-hit US states may be peaking, Fauci says.
New York's famed Metropolitan Museum of Art, which normally welcomes seven million visitors a year, said it would reopen on Aug 29.
"After nearly six months, The Met's reopening will be a historic moment for the Museum and the City," Met president Daniel Weiss said in a statement.
The Whitney Museum of American Art will reopen on September 3 but the Museum of Modern Art has yet to announce its reopening date.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Museum#1 art#2 reopening#3 state#4 coronavirus#5
Post found in /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.08.13 20:44 Older_and_Wiser_Now Berning Links - Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Issue: George Floyd, Police, Crime, Patriot Act, Black Lives Matter

Below is a crowdsourced "index" to help you to find news items and posts related to the topic of

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Issue: George Floyd, Police, Crime, Patriot Act, Black Lives Matter

Other Issues:
Members of WayOfTheBern and Kossacks_for_Sanders work together to create environments in which it is easy to find and share the kind of stories that the the progressive community cares about.
If you find this list to be useful, you might want to visit and bookmark a sub called BiblioProgressive (see wiki).
Think of BiblioProgressive as a virtual library that primarily consists of other posts just like this one on a variety of different topics. If you want to reference this post again in the future, it will be easy to find it at BiblioProgressive. FYI, this post has also been submited to BKAC_NancyPelosi.
The creation of these documents is tremendously time consuming, please hit the subscribe button on BiblioProgressive and/or BKAC_NancyPelosi to say thank you and to encourage the creation of further summary lists. Thanks!

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Issue: George Floyd, Police, Crime, Patriot Act, Black Lives Matter

Date Votes Title WotB KFS
Aug-10-2020 37 "All Lives Matter" ... Nancy Pelosi - But at least she prays for us. ( 13 comments
Jun-26-2020 229 Chuck Shucmer & Nancy Pelosi can't be bothered to remember George Floyd's name, refer to him as "George Taylor" and "George Kirby" ( 45 comments 10 comments
Jun-23-2020 79 @downwithtyranny: Jeepers! You would think Hillary Clinton's, Nancy Pelosi's, Steny Hoyer's, Andrew Cuomo's, Adam Schiff's and the Congressional Black Caucus' endorsements would be worth more than a measly 36%. What is Netanyahu going to do now? I bet Haim Saban is weeping in his L.A. mansion ( 13 comments
Jun-14-2020 81 Shahid Buttar, Progressive challenging Nancy Pelosi, interviewed by Rolling Stone's Useful Idiots podcast on his campaign, police reform, and civil liberties ( 1 comment
Jun-11-2020 109 TIME on Twitter: . @SpeakerPelosi on if she regrets voting for the 1994 crime bill: “No, I don’t at all” #TIME100Talks ( 23 comments
Jun-10-2020 88 Pelosi was asked to apologize for the Democrat Party's long history of racism and violence against Black Americans. She responded with contempt, snark, and whataboutism. She and Biden need to go. ( 17 comments
Jun-9-2020 128 @lhfang : Only six years ago, Congress was overwhelmingly pro-police militarization. Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel & 350+ lawmakers of both parties joined together to vote against Rep. Grayson's amendment to end transfers of military equipment to local police in 2014. ( 4 comments
Jun-9-2020 19 Krystal and Saagar: Pelosi's CRINGEWORTHY kneeling display as Biden rules out defund the police ( 1 comment
Jun-8-2020 159 Nancy Pelosi Democrats Kneel in Kente Scarves in POINTLESS George Floyd Publicity Stunt ( 59 comments
Jun-2-2020 415 David Sirota on Twitter: Nancy Pelosi is trying to give Donald Trump more police power. She's right now pushing to reauthorize the Patriot Act to give him more police and surveillance power. RIGHT NOW. This is completely unacceptable. ( 37 comments
May-31-2020 61 Kayla James: "In response to the protests, Nancy Pelosi will propose legislation that allows you to claim bail as a tax deduction for those who earn over 75k per year." ( 3 comments
May-28-2020 19 Pelosi/Shiff trying to sneak in Patriot Act Reauthorization ( 2 comments
May-19-2020 123 Peter Daou: FAT SHAMING. Wait, so Dem leaders have killed the #MeToo movement and now fat-shaming gets #Pelosi a flood of adoring praise? I guess that's why she can get away with giving Trump expanded surveillance powers, passing his key bills, and absolving him of 95% of his crimes. ( 40 comments
May-12-2020 1439 Peter Daou: First, #Pelosi pushes through a #PatriotAct extension. Now #McConnell wants to give #Barr power to go through your browsing history without a warrant. Do you see how the parties work together to maintain the system while distracting voters with sideways claps and torn paper? ( 201 comments
Jan-8-2019 13 Nancy Pelosi Blows Back Black Lives Matter Question ( 1 comment 2 comments
Jan-5-2019 480 "I don't want to hear another word about how Bernie has a "blind spot" when it comes to race. Bullshit. He's been in the fight for 50 years. How hard is it to say #BlackLivesMatter? Ask @SpeakerPelosi." #SayHerName #OurRevolution #FeelTheBern ( 61 comments
Feb-5-2017 18 Why is “All Lives Matter” Nancy Pelosi given a pass ( 3 comments
submitted by Older_and_Wiser_Now to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 01:38 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of the letter ‘S’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of the letter ‘S’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Sacco, Amy: Nightclub mastermind behind Bungalow 8 and many other clubs. Listing her list of connections would take too long because her clubs are always hot spots for celebrities and the elite. The NY Times wrote a decent article ( about Sacco’s clubs and clientele. Sacco has been photographed with Ghislaine, India Hicks, and Sophie Dahl, all of whom appear in Epstein’s black book (
Sachs, Jeffrey: Naming all of his titles would be an endeavor in itself. Sachs is a very influential figure who is best known for being an economist, an adviser to the United Nations, and a University Professor at Columbia University. Sachs serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, where Epstein served from 1995-2009. It is unclear whether he was there at the same time as Epstein, although given his popularity and influence, especially in the early 2000s, I would be surprised if he wasn’t around then.
Saffra, Edmund: Billionaire banker and alleged money launderer with tons of enemies who died under very mysterious circumstances in 1999. The official story was that one of his nurses - in an attempt to gain favor with Safra by saving him from danger - intentionally started a small fire in Safra’s home, which soon spiraled out of control, causing Safra to lock himself in the bathroom and suffocate to death. This article ( does a good job of pointing out that Safra had many enemies, was a shady character, and was absolutely obsessed with security for himself and his family. It seems odd that Safra would allow his security detail (Mossad vets) to leave his home that night. This article ( from The Guardian includes a statement from Ted Maher’s (the nurse who was convicted of starting the fire) wife, stating that he was coerced into signing a confession. Elie Wiesel, the author of Night who is also listed in Epstein’s contacts, was a good friend of Safra’s.
Safro, Wayne: Financial advisor.
Said, Wafic: Financier and businessman. Said is the Chairman of a children’s charity called the Said Foundation, where Prince Charles’s former private secretary, Sir Michael Peat GVCO, serves on the board of trustees ( The charity helps underprivileged children from the Middle East. Said has also contributed a lot of money to Prince Charles’s The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, which, among other things, is dedicated to helping children.
Sainsbury, Mr Jamie: Descendant of the founder of the Sainsbury grocery chain. Old friend of Ghislaine Maxwell ( James’s sister, Camilla, was married to British MP, Shaun Woodward, for 28 years. Camilla and Shaun are Trustees of The Woodward Charitable Trust, which helps disadvantaged children, women, and families (
Salama, Eric: Former CEO of Kantar consulting firm. Also served as a Trustee for the British Museum (2000-2008). Survived a carjacking after getting stabbed last year (
Saltzman, Elizabeth: Contributing editor to Vanity Fair and Vogue, two of the three publications (along with Tatler) that continuously show up among Epstein’s contacts. Saltzman is also a celebrity fashion stylist with clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Saoirse Ronan, Stella McCartney, and Uma Thurman, the ex-wife of Arpad Busson, who is possibly one of the key players in this pedophile ring ( Andre Balazs, the hotelier who also seems to be embroiled in this whole fiasco held a party in 1995. Those in attendance included Ghislaine Maxwell, Katie Ford, and Elizabeth Saltzman (, all of whom appear in Epstein’s black book. In fact, Saltzman is a long-time friend of Ghislaine ( This article also reveals that Ghislaine was introduced to Prince Andrew by the Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson), and, even more telling, that Epstein was suspected of having Mossad ties when the article was written in 2000. In addition to all this, Saltzman is the ex-wife of hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin (, one of the most heavily implicated people in Epstein’s pedophilia and child trafficking ring. I implore you to read more about Dubin (and his wife) in my D-F black book thread ( Saltzman can also be seen here, sitting next to Prince Andrew in 2010 ( The lists of celebrities and well-known figures that Saltzman has been photographed with is unending.
Samuels, Mia: Actually Maia Samuel, former Producer of ABC Primetime (1989-1994). Went on to work for NBC, Bloomberg, and CNBC in various producer roles over the years. Now works as Director, Content Studios for Reuters ( Epstein has quite a few television ties, most notably to ABC news programs.
Sandelman, Jon & Corrie: Jonathan is a hedge fund manager and former Managing Director of Bank of America Securities. Corrie is his wife.
Sangster, Guy & Fi: Son of racing tycoon Robert Sangster, Guy is Managing Director at Sangster Group, which is involved in the Horse Racing industry. He also works as an investment adviser with Hambro Perks, a venture capitalist company. Prince Andrew is a close friend of Guy and his wife, Fiona. Prince Andrew even attended Sangster’s 40th birthday party (
Sangster, Mr Ben: Guy Sangster’s brother and fellow racing heir. Long-time acquaintance/friend(?) of the Royal Family. According to this article, the Sangsters are “one of the most high profile society families in London and often hang out with the royals (
Santo Domingo, Julio Mario: Unsure if this is the father or the son. Either way, this is a billionaire Colombian businessman whose company has controlling stock in Bavaria Brewery and is the 2nd highest stockholder of Anheuser Busch (15%). The senior Julio Mario Santo Domingo died in 2011. His son died from cancer in 2009.
Santo, Mr & Mrs M Espirito: Likely the former owners (or high-ranking family) of the Espirito Santo banking dynasty., which was forced to shutter due to charges of fraud, money laundering, and falsifying documents ( Banco Espirito Santo was Portugal’s second-largest bank.
Saud Prince Solman: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was a close friend of Epstein’s and met with him many times. Epstein even had a photograph of bin Salman hanging on his wall. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been linked to the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident who was lured to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and subsequently killed. The Crown Prince, said to have ordered the murder, and those who were physically involved with the murder, ultimately went unpunished. According to this article (, the numbers listed likely belong to the Crown Prince’s father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. Epstein’s Austrian passport had a fake name and Saudi address. This passport was to have been given to him by “a friend.” In November 2016, one day before the election, Epstein flew to Riyadh. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos were in Riyadh at the same time, leading some to believe that the three may have met up (
Scerbo, Randall: A female (despite the name) fashion stylist and costume designer who eventually went into consulting. Randall also has credits as a producer and content creator for the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants.
Schiatti, Gianmarco: Creative director who helped several fashion companies (Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Prada, etc.) with rebranding.
Schifter, Helen & Tim: Helen is a former arbitrage trader on Wall Street, as well as a socialite and a former editor at Hearst and Conde Nast (publisher of Tatler and Vogue), making this the 9000th Epstein-Conde Nast connection. Helen’s father is a businessman and has served as a consultant for the Du Pont Company. She runs in the same circles as Ghislaine Maxwell and has been at several of the same parties ( Tim is CEO of LeSportsac, the luggage and tote bag manufacturer. Tim can be seen attending a Private Screening with Ghislaine Maxwell here (
Sebag Montefiore Simon & Santa: Simon Montefiore is a British historian, television presenter, and author of history books and novels. Ghislaine attended the launch of Montefiore’s book, “The Court of the Red Tsar” ( Santa is his wife and sister of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who died of an ulcer in 2017. The Palmer-Tomkinson family is so close with the Royal Family that Prince Charles was named Tara’s godfather. As such, Simon and Santa are good friends of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall ( Simon’s great-great-uncle was an international financier who worked for the Rothschilds in the 1800s. Siimon and his family are still close to the Rothschilds to this day (
Seitern, Christine: Architect.
Sejournet, Isabel de: Belgian arts consultant and wife of French Count Eric d’Hauteville. Isabelle was photographed at an annual charity dinner hosted by The AEM Association Children of the World for Rwanda (
Shabtai, Benny: Israeli businessman who specializes in watches and telecommunications. Served as Chair for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and has helped raise millions for the charity ( Epstein toured Israeli military bases with Shabtai in 2008 after being convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution ( Shabtai also served three years in the Israeli army and is a former bodyguard for the Israeli ambassador in Paris, France.
Shad, Brenda: Lingerie model who has known Epstein since the ‘90s ( Almost married Robert Hanson (listed in my Epstein G-H thread) in 1996, the billionaire financier who was accused of raping Anouska de Georgiou when she was a teenager. She first met him when he was dating Naomi Campbell. Pictured with Maxwell here in 2005 (
Shearer Andre & Angie: Andre is a South African wine importer through his business, Cape Classics. Angie is his wife.
Shore Chris and Maura: Chris is a bankruptcy litigator. Mara is his wife, a licensed lawyer.
Shriver, Bobby: Nephew of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. His mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founded the Special Olympics. Bobby now serves on the Board of Directors for the Special Olympics ( Epstein has several phone numbers listed for Shriver’s Special Olympics office in California.
Shriver, Maria: Bobby Shriver’s sister and niece of JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. TV journalist and former ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Shuster, Susie: Suzy is a sportscaster who is married to long-time ESPN and NFL Network anchor, Rich Eisen.
Siegal, Peggy: Famous NYC publicist and close friend of Epstein who helped him out by continuously getting him into elite parties even after he was convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution in 2008 ( Her career in Hollywood has been obliterated, although many still secretly think she has been a scapegoat (, which once again proves the depravity of Hollywood.
Siegel, William (Bill): President of Chris-Craft Industries (1996-2001), a broadcasting company that owned several television channels across the U.S. Chris-Craft was eventually purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for $5.3 billion.
Sieghart, William: British entrepreneur and publisher. In 1986, he co-founded Forward Publishing with partner Neil Mendoza, who serves on the board of several children’s charities and is the current Provost of Oriel College. Mendoza appeared earlier in Epstein’s black book. Check out the letter ‘M’ thread for more information.
Silver, Ron: Silver (1946-2009), was a famous actor who also served on the Council on Foreign Relations. Co-founder of pro-Israeli organization, One Jerusalem, which organized a rally in 2001 to protest Palestinian sovereignty. Flipped political affiliations to vote for George W. Bush post-9/11. As a result, Bush appointed him to several posts, including one in which he worked under Scooter Libby, adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.
Silverman, Nancy & Henry: Henry is an entrepreneur and private equity investor. Henry helped build Cendant Corporation, which specializes in car rentals, travel reservations, and real estate brokerage services. Nancy and Henry divorced in 2012 after 30 years of marriage. They literally lived around the block from Jeffrey Epstein.
Simon, Bren: Bren was the President of MBS Associates, a property management company. She and her husband (now deceased), support many children’s charities. Bren directs the Mel and Bren Simon Charitable Trust, which works closely with the Clinton Foundation (Haiti), the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton School of Public Service ( Bren is co-founder of The Family Support Center, a 24-hour child abuse care center. She also serves on the board of advisers for the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. In 1998, Bren began working with the Mission International Rescue Foundation (MIR), which serves the children and young women of La Romana, Dominican Republic. Bren also created the Centro de Promocion Rural Max Simon, an orphanage that provides a safe environment for boys who have been abandoned, abused, or are living in extreme poverty. She also created the Bren Simon MIR Foundation Girls’ Vocational School ( Bren Simon used to be a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Bill Clinton read a eulogy at her husband’s funeral (
Simpson (Caruth), Sophie: Former literary agent at William Morris Agency. Serves as a Trustee for Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.
Sindi, Rena & Sami: Rena is a socialite and daughter of Nemar A. Kirdar, who founded Investcorp bank in the ‘80s with Arab oil money ( In 2007, Rena attended a party for Allegra Hicks at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house ( Her husband, Sami, is a venture capitalist.
Slayton, Bobby: Actocomedian who admits to seeing Epstein in West Palm Beach a few times over the years. Slayton says that “they weren’t friends,” although he once went to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion for coffee (
Smith Osborne: Not enough info.
Smith Peterson, Noona: Public relations officer and consultant who has worked for Tom Ford, Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Tod’s. She now has her own PR agency. In 2015, Forbes named her one of the 12 women who have changed Italian fashion ( Noona is married to Enrico Erba, who is a client manager for Giorgio Armani.
Smith, James: Co-founder and CEO of Aegis Trust, an organization focused at stopping genocide in Rwanda. Aegis “enables students, professionals, decision-makers and a wider public to meet survivors and learn from their experiences” (
Snyder, Maria: Model, designer, artist, and entrepreneur who has worked for the likes of Armani, Versace, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Karl Lagerfield. Snyder attended a ‘Free the Slaves’ benefit in 2010 where she was photographed with hotelier Andre Balazs, who is mired in Epstein/Maxwell stink, and Brenda Schad, who appears just above (last name incorrectly spelled ‘Shad’).
Soames, Rupert & Milly: Rupert is a British businessman and CEO of Serco, a government contractor that provides health, transport, justice, immigration, defense, and citizen services. Soames and his company is heavily involved in many aspects of government (he is very close with former British Prime Minister David Cameron), and as such, has a huge impact on the public. For example, Serco has been contracted to work on a Coronavirus track-and-trace system for the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) ( Soames’s family is very close with the Royal Family ( Prince William served as a pageboy at Rupert and Camilla’s wedding in 1988. Soames is the grandson of Winston Churchill and his brother, Nicholas Soames, served as a British MP from 1983-2019. Nicholas has been accused of being sexist and making inappropriate remarks by several female MPs. Nicholas is also a very close friend of Prince Charles ( Milly (Camilla) is Rupert’s wife and High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. Milly is a Patron/Trustee for Pace Centre, a children’s charity dedicated to providing education for children with sensory motor disorders (, Heart of Bucks (, an all-purpose charity that divvies up money to many causes, several of which involve children (, Action4Youth (, which “partners with government, schools, youth clubs, businesses, trusts and foundations, and others ( Camilla is also the daughter of Sir Thomas Raymond Dunne, who served as a Lord Lieutenant of Hereford and Worcester, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire. Her brother, Phillip, has been a British Conservative MP since 2005.
Sobrino, Esperanza: Director of Acquavella art gallery.
Solomon, Andrew: Writer for The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other publications. Member of Council on Foreign Relations where Epstein once served.
Soros Peter: Nephew of George Soros. Works as an investment banker. Soros’s name is circled in Epstein’s black book. It turns out that Epstein’s former house manager circled the names of all material witnesses before he died in 2014 (
Soros, Peter: Same as above.
Soto, Fernando de: Real estate consultant.
Soto, Jaime & Marina de: No info found.
South, Hamilton: Founder of HL Group, a large marketing firm. Former Chief Marketing Officer for Ralph Lauren. South was a good friend of Carolyn Besette Kennedy (wife of JFK Jr) before she died. He was also a good friend of Lee Radziwill, mother-in-law of Carole Radziwill, listed earlier in Epstein’s book (check out the letter ‘R’ thread), before Lee’s passing.
Souza, Carlos: Works in public relations for Valentino.
Spacey, Kevin: Famous actor who has been accused of sexual assault by actor Anthony Rapp and 14 others ( He was on the infamous Epstein Africa flight with Clinton and Chris Tucker. Spacey also made this chilling video (, which many think was a direct threat to the Royal Family. As a lot of you know, Spacey was close with the Royal Family and Ghislaine Maxwell. Just last month, a picture surfaced of Spacey and Ghislaine sitting on the British throne (
Squire, Hugo: See Hugo Swire below.
St. Bris, Edward: International license manager at Pierre Cardin.
Stanburry, Caroline: Reality TV star from the show Ladies of London. Stanbury has also worked in public relations and as a stylist. Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew (after his divorce from the Duchess of York) and actor Hugh Grant.
Stark, Koo: Famous photographer who dated Prince Andrew for nearly two years in the early ‘80s. Stark eventually married (and divorced) Tim Jefferies, who was listed earlier in Epstein’s book (check the J-L thread). Stark went on to have a daughter with someone else. Prince Andrew is the godfather.
Starzewski Thomas: Famous British fashion designer whose clothes have been worn by the Royal Family.
Steenkamp, Chris: Not enough info. Possibly the artist responsible for these lovely drawings (, but I cannot confirm.
Steiner, Jeffrey: Not enough info. Probably the co-managing partner of MWE real estate group. I could be wrong, though.
Steinkampf, Chris & Nina: No info found.
Stengel, Andrew: Former director of acquisitions for Miramax. Former aide to Governor Mario Cuomo (father of Andrew and Chris).
Stengel, Rick & Mary: Richard is an editor, author, and government official (Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs) under Barack Obama. Richard is now a Senior Advisor at Snapchat and serves on the board of CARE, a charity that caters to women and children ( Mary is his South African wife. Nelson Mandela was the godfather to their son, Gabriel.
Stern, Allison & Leonard: Allison (nee Maher) is a former model and TV producer. Her husband, Leonard, is a billionaire businessman involved in real estate. Leonard founded Homes for the Homeless, a charity that aims to help the financially disadvantaged. A large focus of the charity is children and youth ( Leonard is also quite the heartless bastard. He announced that he was selling a Homes for the Homeless apartment building in midtown Manhattan, forcing its inhabitants to move out ( Just to show an example of how all these wealthy people truly do know each other, here is a link with pictures of Malcolm Forbes’s 70th birthday party in Morocco in 1989. Forbes flew out 800 guests (, including Leonard and Allison Stern, Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father), Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Perelman, Barbara Walters, Robert and Blaine Trump, Diane von Furstenberg, King Constantine, Henry Kissinger, James Goldsmith, Hamish Bowles, Gianni Agnelli, Kay Graham, Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Walter Cronkite, Ann Getty, Fran Lebowitz, and more. Not only are these people rich, famous, and powerful, but many of them also appear in Epstein’s black book.
Stevens Michael: Not enough info.
Stopford-Sackville, Charlie &: Charles works in finance and securities. Owner of Drayton House ( in Northamptonshire, England. Married to Shona McKinney, who I am guessing is the name that got cut off in Epstein’s black book. Shona is a good friend of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, who is a key figure in this whole Jeffrey Epstein saga.
Stracher Kate: Kate is an artist who went to Oxford with Ghislaine, but claims that she hasn’t seen her since then. (
Sundlun, Stuart: Managing director of BMB Advisors, a private equity firm. Son of Governor Bruce Sundlun of Rhode Island (1991-1995). Stuart’s father also served as director of the National Security Education Board (NSEB) for four years under Clinton. Bruce is a great friend of Clinton right hand man (and multiple-time passenger on Epstein’s flight log), Ira Magaziner. Magaziner also appeared in Epstein’s black book (check out the ‘M’ thread for more info).
Sunley, Mr James & Amanda: James is CEO of Sunley Holdings, an investment company.
Sutherland, Harry: Likely refers to the investment banker who is Chairman of CrossInvest, an offshore corporate service company.
Svenlinson, Peter: Venture capitalist and founder of The Column Group. Served as Chairman for several pharmaceutical companies (Aragon, which was sold to Johnson & Johnson and Seragon, until it was solid to Genentech/Roche).
Swire, Sophie: English fashion entrepreneur who established a school for jewelers and gem-cutters in Afghanistan at Prince Charles’s request ( Co-founder of Learning for Life, an educational charity. She was a Trustee and Chairperson from 1995-2000. Learning for Life has established over 250 schools for girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.
Swire, Hugo: Swire is a British Conservative Party politician who served as a Member of Parliament (MP) from 2001-2019. Son of Roger, director of Sotheby’s.
Swire, Jenny: Former Miss South Africa. Fashion director for Wedding Magazine and TV personality. Contributing editor for Tatler, a publication which has appeared more than ten times amongst Epstein’s contacts.
Swire, Mark: Involved in real estate.
Sykes, Lucy Ewen: Entrepreneur, fashion executive, and socialite. Fashion director of Marie Claire magazine. Former consultant for Ralph Lauren, T. J. Maxx, and Tommy Hilfiger. Good friend of nightclub guru Amy Sacco, who is one of the contacts listed earlier in this thread. Lucy and her husband attended a dinner for Prince Andrew at Epstein’s house in the early 2000s ( Lucy’s husband, Euan Rellie, has been a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s for years.
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2020.08.06 22:54 Winterhold2000 Gov. Andrew Cuomo provided NY voters with pre-paid envelopes to mail in ballots. The votes were not counted because the pre-paid ballot envelopes were not postmarked with a date.

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2020.07.30 01:00 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of the letter ‘R’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of the letter ‘R’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Rachline, Nicholas: Best friend of Harvey Weinstein for over 30 years (, Rachline is a photographer. Rachline was also editor-in-chief of Above, a magazine dedicated to environmental protection, until its final issue a few years later. Contributors to the magazine included David de Rothschild, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Richard Branson, and other well-known figures. The biannual magazine was distributed by Conde Nast, which also owns Tatler, Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and other influential publications. Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to Conde Nast publications - specifically Tatler and Vogue - continues to grow.
Radziwill, Carole: Journalist for ABC News who also wrote a monthly column for Glamour (owned by Conde Nast). Carole was on the Real Housewives of New York City for 6 seasons. Carole was a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s in the early 2000s. Maxwell even set her up with Prince Andrew after Carole’s husband, Prince Anthony Radziwill, died of cancer in 1999 ( Radziwill was the nephew of Jacqueline Kennedy (JFK’s wife) and son of Polish Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill. He also served as best man at JFK Jr.’s wedding. There are several pictures of Carole and Ghislaine circulating which forced her to make a statement regarding her relationship with Maxwell and Epstein, whom she says she only met once.
Rankin, Mr Gavin: The former Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) head of managed investments for Citi Private Bank. Now works for HSBC in a similar position. Has ties to the Royal Family. His restaurant, Bellamy’s, is the “only restaurant where the Monarch has ever dined at (” The Queen even celebrated her 80th birthday there. Looking at the menu prices, it seems an odd choice considering it’s not some super high-end eatery. Rankin is also the heir apparent to the Rankin Baronetcy.
Rappaport, Don: Co-founder and CEO of American List Counsel (ALC). The ALC tried to sell personal information on one-million kids (ages 14-17), along with their parents’ names, household incomes, and ethnicities to advertising companies ( just last year. In other words, Mr. Rappaport runs a company that collects data on children and sells this information to whomever is willing to buy it. Who else is Rappaport sharing this information with?
Rattazzi, Isabel: Former model. Isabel is a Countess through her marriage to Lupo dei Conti Rattazzi. Her husband is the son of Susanna Agnelli, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament in Italy. The Agnelli family are controlling shareholders of Fiat Automobiles.
Raynes, Patty: Daughter of billionaire oil and entertainment mogul, Marvin Davis (1925-2004). Patty is a well-known socialite in the Hamptons. Raynes hung out in the same circles as Ghislaine and Epstein. Her husband is a real estate developer.
Reardan, Kate: Editor of Tatler (another Tatler connection!) magazine from 2011-2017. Previously worked for Vanity Fair, another Conde Nast publication. Reardon was named one of London’s 1000 Most Influential People by the Evening Standard in 2007. She once dated Rupert Fairfax, aide to Prince Charles.
Reynal Michael: International investment banker.
Reynal, Miguel: There are a few Miguel Reynals. I believe it is the investment banker who once worked for Deutsche Bank because of the connection between Epstein and Deutsche Bank.
Reza, Ali: Founder of aviation company Freestream Aircraft Limited. Routinely deals with the wealthy and powerful (
Ritblat, Nick Rebecca Willis: Nick is the son of John Ritblat, the former Chairman and CEO of British Land, one of the largest property development and investment companies in the UK. Nick has followed in his father’s footsteps, as he is also in the property development game.
Ritson Thomas Rupert: Descendent of James Bond author, Ian Fleming ( Attends parties with royalty ( Brother of famous photographer, Hugo Rittson-Thomas, who supports The National Deaf Children’s Society.
Rivers, Joan (and Melissa Rivers): Joan was a very popular comedian and actress who died in 2014 during surgery. Many think she was murdered because of her comments about Michelle Obama’s gender. Joan was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell and knew her since at least the early ‘90s ( Joan was also good friends with Prince Charles and had a tight relationship with the Royal Family, as she often attended Royal events ( Melissa is her daughter. She has no discernible talent whatsoever.
Robert, Joseph & Jill: Joseph E. Robert Jr. was an international real estate investor. Robert was known for his philanthropy. He donated $25 million (and raised $150 million more) to finance research on reducing the pain that children experience during surgery. He has been credited with raising nearly $1 billion for children’s charities (( Robert founded Fight for Children, a charity meant to support at-risk children in Washington D.C. ( Robert also donated a lot of money to Children’s National Hospital (, which has scholarships named in his honor. He died of brain cancer in 2011. Jill was his wife.
Roberts, Deb: 99% sure this is the TV journalist for ABC News and wife of famous weatherman/TV personality Al Roker.
Robilant, Mr Edmondo di Maya: Edmondo is a fine art dealer. His wife, Maya, is a University lecturer, journalist, and television presenter.
Robin: Robin DeMetz is a personal friend of Epstein pal/alleged accomplice Naomi Campbell ( She is married to Hasz DeMetz, who is in the diamond mining business.
Robinski, Kasia/Pod: Kasia is an investor and serves as director for several companies. No clue who/what Pod refers to.
Robinson, Jo & Lisa Shields: Lisa is the Vice President of Global Communications and Media Relations for the Council on Foreign Relations, where Epstein used to serve. No info on Joe, although I believe he is the gentleman on the left in this picture (
Rocksavage, David: The 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley and the Lord Great Chamberlain of the UK. He is a descendant of the Rothschild and Sassoon families through his grandmother, Sybil Sassoon. He is also the descendant of Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole. The Marquess doesn’t keep the best company. The Godfather of his twins bilked L’Oreal heiress, Liliane Bettencourt, out of £850 million in 2010 He was convicted of ‘abuse of weakness’ in 2016. Rocksavage’s wife, Rose Hanbury, is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. She is a patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) along with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and other royalty. Last year, there were rumors that Rose Hanbury had an affair with Prince William, Prince Charles’s eldest son and husband of Kate Middleton (
Roedy, Bill: Former Vice President at HBO, former head honcho at MTV Europe, and Global Health Advisor. In 2018, Roedy was named Vice Chair of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance (, which was founded in 2000 by… the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (! Roedy not only serves on the Council on Foreign Relations just like Epstein once did (Epstein preceded Roedy), but he also had connections to Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father.
Rolfe, Gail: Freelance journalist and fashion editor who once worked for Tatler (again) and The Times (
Ronson, Lisa: Gerald Ronson’s daughter (see below).
Ronson, Mr & Mrs Gerald: British furniture and property development tycoon. Gerald is a big-time philanthropist. In addition to the number of Jewish groups he gives money to, Ronson also serves as Vice President of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin, Manilo Marocco) and Princess Margaret have served. The number of suspected pedophiles and child traffickers that are involved with the NSPCC is mindblowing. As if that weren’t enough, Gerald was also good friends with Greville Janner, ex-Leicester MP who was constantly accused of child abuse before his death, but was able to evade culpability due to police constantly bungling the evidence ( Gerald’s wife, Gail, is also a philanthropist of Jewish charities. Her first big event in 1983 was attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
Rose, Wendy & Joe: Now divorced, Wendi and Joe are both real estate magnates in New York. Joe worked for Mayor Giuliani from 1993-2001.
Rose, Charlie & Burden, Amanda: Charlie Rose is a (former) famous television journalist who hosted the eponymous talk show, Charlie Rose. Jeffrey Epstein and Charlie Rose were thick as thieves. In fact, Epstein (and his assistant) called Rose many times and would recommend potential young assistants for Charlie Rose to hire ( Epstein frequently lunched with and attended parties with Rose. Rose’s show was cancelled in 2017 when eight women came out and accused him of sexual harassment ( Since then, 27 more women have accused Charlie Rose of sexual harassment (, bringing the grand total to 35. Rose also served on the Council on Foreign Relations, although I am unable to find out if his time there coincided with Epstein’s. Charlie’s former love interest, Amanda, has worked for Bloomberg since 2002, first as director of the New York City Department of City Planning, then as chair of the City Planning Commission, and now as a principal at Bloomberg Associates, a consulting service.
Rosen, Andrew: Fashion designer.
Rosen, Denis & Sylvia: Dennis was a well-respected British scientist. Sylvia was his wife and co-writer of London Science.
Rosencrantz, Ms Claudia: British television executive and journalist. She was Controller of Entertainment for ITV for over ten years. Voted one of Britain’s 50 most inspirational women in 2018 by the Daily Mail.
Rosenfield, Donald: Movie producer. Former President of Merchant Ivory Productions from 1986-1998.
Rosenstein, Rob: Co-founder of Agoda. Similar to Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, etc, Agoda provides its users with information on flights and hotels
Rosenthal, Jane: Co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival and Tribeca Productions film studio with Robert De Niro. Good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell ( and Peggy Siegal (, Epstein’s plug into New York celebrity society.
Roth, Peter Thomas & Noreen: Peter Thomas Roth is the founder of the skin care and cosmetics company that bears his name. Roth graduated from Dalton school in 1975, where Epstein taught him during his senior year. Roth has lauded Epstein as a “brilliant teacher.” Epstein later served Roth’s tutor to prepare him for the Wharton School at Penn ( Roth admits to going to Epstein’s mansion once, although he says only middle-aged people were present ( This story would be more plausible if Epstein didn’t have eight phone numbers, two addresses, and an email address listed under Roth’s name. It would also be more believable if they didn’t live two blocks away from each other in NYC. Noreen is Peter’s ex-wife. She serves as Managing Director of his company.
Rothchild, Jessica: Actually Jessica de Rothschild, daughter of billionaire financier Sir Evelyn de Rothschild ( and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, close friend of Hillary Clinton. Jessica used to be a writer for Tatler magazine, which Epstein is deeply connected to through his contacts. Runs in the same circles as Epstein and Maxwell.
Rothchild, Hannah: The eldest child of Jacob Rothschild (, Hannah is a businesswoman and was the first female Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery in London. In 2018, Hannah took over as Chair of Yad Hanadiv (, a pro-Israel Rothschild organization/charity which has been running in its current form since 1958. The actual history dates back to the late 1800s when Baron Edmond de Rothschild sought to “support Jewish revival in Palestine.” Yad Hanadiv is responsible for building the Knesset (Israeli parliament), the Supreme Court, and is currently working on the New National Library in Israel. Hannah is also a Trustee of the Rothschild Foundation, which has been a long-time patron of… the NSPCC children’s charity (, where countless other suspected pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers find themselves orbiting.
Rothenburg, Rich: Former portfolio manager and researcher at Deutsche Bank, which was recently fined $150 million for ignoring Epstein’s suspicious transactions (
Rotherwick, Tania & Robin: Tania is an old friend of Ghislaine Maxwell ( and ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew. She is also the sister-in-law of Mark Carney, who served as the Governor of the Bank of England from 2013-2020. Her ex-husband, Robin Cayzer, is the 3rd Baron Rotherwick. He has served in the House of Lords since 1996.
Rothschild, Edouard de: Son of Guy de Rothschild, who was the great-great-grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the person responsible for founding the family’s banking empire in the 18th century. Edouard was head of the family’s Paris-based Rothschild & Cie Banque from 1987-2004, when he stepped down.
Rothschild, Evelyn de: Businessman and banker supposedly worth $20 billion, although many think it’s actually a lot more. In addition to poking Prince Charles (, Evelyn has also asserted his dominance of many companies and corporations by acting as Chairman or Director of The Economist (1972-1989), De Beers (1977-1994), IBM, and many others. Evelyn has served as Queen Elizabeth II’s financial advisor for decades ( Evelyn’s wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, was completely enamored with Epstein. Before his death, Epstein claimed that he loaned Lynn money when she was going through a divorce in the early ‘90s, before she became a Rothschild ( Lynn was responsible for setting up an introduction between Epstein and Bill Clinton in 1995 ( Alan Dershowitz wrote an essay earlier this month where he opens by saying that he was introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild ( Ghislaine lived in a NYC townhouse that Lynn (allegedly) sold to one of Epstein’s companies for more than $8 million below market value ( While it is widely believed that Ghislaine introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, there are conflicting accounts that claim that Lynn was the one who introduced the two ( The Rothschilds are also extremely close with the Clintons. They even spent part of their honeymoon in the White House during Bill’s presidency back in 2000 ( They remain close to this day, as both Evelyn and Lynn have donated and contributed heavily to Hillary’s past campaigns.
Roumugere, Caroline: Carolyn is a jeweller who makes unique pieces inspired by her upbringing in Kenya ( Her father was a close friend of artist Salvador Dali.
Royle, Hon Lucinda: Wife of Rupert Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley, a British politician. Daughter of Anthony Royle, Baron Fanshawe of Richmond, a Member of Parliament for Richmond, Surrey (1959-1983) and businessman. Royle coincidentally stepped down as MP shortly after the Elm Guest House scandal ( became known to the public. It turns out that British politicians and other high-ranking members of society were sexually abusing children. All of this happened in Richmond, where Royle served as MP. Of course, nobody has been charged. Oh yeah, the owner of Elm Guest House, Carole Kasir, who supposedly kept a list of Elm Guest House attendees, died under murky circumstances ( Anthony Royle also famously sided with Michael Heseltine over Margaret Thatcher during the 1985 Westland Affair. Heseltine appeared earlier in the black book (check out the G-I thread for more info). Heseltine invested in Conservative Parliament member Harvey Proctor’s business after Proctor was forced to resign after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home ( At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostitutes under the age of 21.
Rucellai, Natalie: PR specialist for Rocco Forte Hotels. Used to do PR for Giorgio Armani. The Rucellai family married into the Medici family in 1461. Although the Rucellais are not a Black Nobility family, the Medici family certainly is.
Rudnick, Della: This is actually Della Rounick, the former CEO of the fashion company HE-RO Group. She is now an artist and sculptor.
Russel, Michelle: A senior executive in asset management.
Rust, Marina & Ian: Marina is a former contributing editor at Vogue (again) magazine. She is the granddaughter of Marshall Field III, an investment banker and heir to the Marshall Field department store fortune. Rust often attended the same parties as Ghislaine Maxwell. She is photographed here with Ghislaine, Tom Ford, and Countess Sally Albemarle (, all of whom are in Epstein’s black book. She is also friends with Lauren du Pont of the billionaire family ( Her husband, Ian Connor is an investment banker at Lazard Freres, a bank that has repeatedly come up during research of Epstein’s contacts. Marina and Ian literally live around the block from Epstein’s NYC mansion.
Rustow, Tim: Uncertain, but my best guess would be the portfolio manager who is the son of Dankwart Rustow, a famous expert in political science and sociology, and brother of historian Marina Rustow.
Rutland Duke and Duchess: David Manners, the 11th Duke of Rutland, is the owner of Belvoir Castle. His wife, Emma Manners (nee Watkins), the Duchess of Rutland, is pictured here in front of the castle (, enjoying her afternoon tea. She runs the commercial activities at Belvoir Castle. Manners has been (allegedly) entangled with Ghislaine Maxwell since the 1980s.
Now for the controversial stuff. The Duke and Duchess hired former MP Harvey Proctor in 2003 to be their private secretary. Proctor is a disgraced MP who was forced to resign in 1987 after it was revealed that he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home (source: At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostitutes under the age of 21. There is a wonderful and brief expose here ( that builds a strong relationship between Proctor, Manners, and Ghislaine Maxwell, and explains why Manners would hire a disgraced pedophile as his personal secretary, which I will quickly sum up: Robert Maxwell’s newspapers were publishing damaging pieces on Harvey Proctor in 1986, when allegations of his sexual improprieties first started to leak. A threat was made by a caller who said if Maxwell continued running these stories on Proctor, they would reveal that Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine, was having an affair with the “son of a Duke.” This would be David Manners, who was not yet Duke of Rutland since his father (the 10th Duke of Rutland) was still alive. Manners dismissed the allegation as “nonsense,” but went on to hire Proctor in 2003, three years after Proctor’s shirtmaking business was liquidated. Some may say that Proctor would have the most to gain by threatening Robert Maxwell back in the ‘80s and that maybe he used that information to find a job with Manners once his shirt business went belly-up. This is all speculation, of course.
Ruttenberg, Eric & Perri: Eric is the co-managing partner at Tinicum, the private investment firm his father founded in 1974. His wife, Perri (nee Peltz), is a former broadcast journalist who worked for NBC, ABC (she worked on the show, 20/20, hosted by pedophile protector and friend of Ghislaine, Barbara Walters), and CNN from 1987-2002. Peltz is a member of the “Tennis Girls” (insert roll eyes emoji), a group that includes Epstein helper Peggy Siegal, Tory Burch, Christina Cuomo (Chris Cuomo’s wife), Ariadne Calvo-Platero, Kitty Sherrill, and Renee Rockefeller ( Everyone in that group is listed in Epstein’s black book except for Sherrill and Rockefeller. Coincidentally, Perri attended Dalton, the exclusive private high school, in the mid-late ‘70s when Epstein taught there.
Ryder, Mr Nicholas: Uncertain. Some info found but couldn’t confirm either way.
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2020.07.28 00:39 VeryLargeArray Pratt Residence Halls to Remain Closed

Hey guys, just received this email about Fall 2020. I'll just quote it here:
Dear Pratt Community,
Pratt’s senior administration and I have made the difficult, yet what I believe to be most prudent, decision not to reopen the residence halls this fall.
We have made this decision mindful of the current state of COVID-19 globally and after a thorough and extensive assessment of what Pratt is committed to and capable of doing to protect the safety and health of our students, faculty, staff, and our neighboring community.
First and foremost, we have decided that we can provide the safest conditions by keeping the residence halls closed and attending to a much more contained use of campus. At this point, unless local officials decide otherwise, students living within commuting distance of New York City this semester can still have regulated access to campus facilities and to classes offered in hybrid form.
The ways in which we live and study through this pandemic continue to evolve rapidly. This is a moment once again where students and their families must review the options for their course of studies and make wise decisions according to their circumstances. All options will provide the excellent education for which Pratt is renowned. Additional details are provided below.
Planning and Consultation That Led to This Decision Since April, when we assembled the pandemic planning committees, we have assessed academic and operational needs for reopening. We developed a mitigation plan with our in-house experts on health and safety, in partnership with Geosyntec, which includes testing, monitoring, tracing, and disinfecting protocols. We drafted social contracts for our community, consulted with and observed the decisions of local and regional government officials, health experts, and other academic institutions and organizations, and built a robust curriculum with the complex schedule and enhanced technology necessary to support it.
We had anticipated that, by now, virus tests would be widely available, test results would be returned quickly, and that the infection transmission rate would substantially decline. But as we know, this is not the case. While New York City has brought its number of COVID-19 cases down significantly, cases in most of the rest of the country, and in other parts of the world, are continuing to rise and spread rapidly. As of this week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has identified 31 states that meet the requirements for travelers to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in New York. Additionally, delays in receiving test results severely hamper effective contact tracing, and further increases in these delays are anticipated as more employers and schools require testing, and as more individuals return to regular medical and hospital appointments.
Considering the lack of a uniform national approach to testing and prevention, and mindful of the potential risk of creating our own infection hotspot, our experts have advised us that we could quickly reach the maximum amount of COVID-19 cases on our campus, which would require us to close down the residence halls once again, as we did last spring.
We find that the above circumstances prevent us from meeting the minimum requirements that we established at the outset for ensuring the safety of the residence halls, and we cannot in good conscience put our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors at risk.
The Curriculum and Course of Study Pratt is committed, as always, to delivering a world-class education with our renowned faculty. There are two options for attending Pratt this fall. One is fully online. With the other, roughly 70% of courses will be offered fully online, while 30% will occur in a hybrid format, meeting sometimes online and sometimes in person. These percentages will vary by degree program. Additionally, how much of a hybrid course occurs in person or virtually will vary by the course. More information about the academic curriculum is available online.
All students, whether they join us in New York City or study remotely, will be able to make full-time progress toward their degrees. Pratt's degree programs educate students in a wide range of fields and ensure that students achieve the outcomes specific to their fields. Achieving those outcomes is ultimately what it takes to complete a degree, and there can be more than one path to that end.
This semester we are asking students to do some of their learning online, some of it in a hybrid form. In other semesters, they may do more in-person learning. All of this learning, in all of these modalities, constitutes progress towards completion of a degree.
Overall, the education we offer is as excellent as ever. The form in which we offer it is changing, becoming (of necessity) more flexible, and we are committed to being flexible as we support our students through their years at Pratt and to graduation.
The In-Person Experience While the educational experience and the learning goals achieved will be of the same quality, students and their families must be aware that the overall in-person social experience will be radically different and dramatically constrained in comparison to our previous experiences.
The in-person components of hybrid courses, in order to meet health and safety standards, will involve physical distancing, and limited numbers of students in any given space, with regulated and limited access to specialized equipment and facilities, including studios and labs. We will not be able to offer long stays and unlimited access to studios as we normally would.
Keeping the residence halls closed does not change the academic curriculum that has been developed for the fall. Schools, departments, and individual faculty have been working through the summer to ensure that the fall semester’s course offerings will be of the highest quality in all modes of delivery. No matter where or how our students choose to take courses or access services, they will be supported by our dedicated and distinguished faculty and staff, and the enhanced robust technology needed to learn and create. We are committed to providing an excellent and equitable Pratt educational experience online, as well as safely in hybrid courses where faculty and staff will use campus facilities, albeit in a highly monitored, time-limited, and regulated way.
The registration period that was announced last week remains open and students are still able to change their schedules, as they see fit. Again, students and their families must review the options for their course of studies and make wise decisions according to their circumstances.
For students who decide to shift their study entirely online, we will work with them to ensure that their semester’s work is satisfying and advances their progress toward their degree.
Building Community and Engagement Remotely The staff and faculty at Pratt are also committed to building and strengthening their relationships with students and the relationships between students. Digital services and solutions have been developed to connect students with each other and with their professors and the administrative staff. Individual and group counseling will be widely available to all students, and student clubs and organizations will continue to meet and develop programs online. For students pursuing either the remote or the hybrid option, student services, activities, and engagement will be online. All support services will be easy to access. There will continue to be opportunities for students to engage in campus governance and community dialogue remotely, including Town Halls like the one scheduled for tomorrow evening, Tuesday, July 28, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Please continue to visit for the most up-to-date information and answers to frequently asked questions. The online information includes housing option information for those students intending to reside within commuting distance and pursue a hybrid academic program or access campus facilities; it includes access to counselors, with availability to help our students, including those who are most vulnerable at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or online.
Pratt Institute’s Decision We know that this decision presents difficulties and deep disappointments. We are prepared to respond and provide assistance.
Pratt Institute has made its decision to keep the residence halls closed in the best interests of our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors’ health and wellbeing, given the current reality and conditions we are now facing for the coming months. Our decision is based on our own unique capacity and resources. Pratt has asked students, faculty, and staff to commit to a social contract that prioritizes our collective agreement to community health and safety. The Institute is similarly committed to reducing the risk of spreading the virus on campus and beyond.
We are in a pandemic. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Pratt education during a time that is unprecedented and are asking for your partnership in doing so—to study together, to solve critical problems together, to design our collective future together.
Frances Bronet
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2020.07.27 21:08 PetulantOrchid Can we talk about New Jersey? Low cases and deaths - still locked down hard.

I'm a lifelong NJ resident and I really love the state. The food, the wildlife, the fact that you can go from beaches to mountains to farms to cities in a stretch of 300 miles, so many things. We get portrayed as the armpit of the country, but that's mostly nonsense from people whose only exposure to the state is watching TV.
Our governor, Phil Murphy, at first struck me as reasonable enough, but the pandemic has really demonstrated his mismanagement of the state. We bore the brunt of the first wave along with NYC, during which we lost thousands in nursing homes, but along with that came the unintended consequence of Murphy aping Andrew Cuomo and crying for federal money and tens of thousands of ventilators.
Whether it was our stricter-than-most mitigation efforts or just the natural progression of the virus, the curve has been smashed into submission. The crisis he cried about never came. We are a state of 9 million people averaging about 400 cases per day. We have less than 700 people statewide in the hospital, 135 of which are in the ICU and 60 of which are on ventilators. That curve sounds flat to me. But the restrictions still won't loosen.
No movie theaters, no indoor dining, no gyms. Just got the yoga/dance/Pilates studios open last week (even though my favorite was open secretly). Indoor dining was slated for July 2. Murphy got spooked about spiking cases in FLORIDA and rescinded permission, leaving thousands of restaurants stocked with food, rehired staff, and no indoor dining. His catchphrase of "data determines dates" is just a tagline. Never has he stated what data benchmark will lead to more things opening, or when.
The best part is how his administration has manipulated and massaged the data to make our progress look less significant. Until last week, the hospital numbers were presumed to be all COVID patients - they never told us otherwise. NOW they reveal that only half of those patients were tested positive and the other half were awaiting test results. But here's the best part.....the average "deaths per day" are high teens or low 20s. They however just revealed last week that that number includes deaths from as far back as March that are JUST NOW being confirmed and added to the daily totals.
They posted today that there were 17 deaths. But how many people died in the last 24 hours?
This is a sham and I'm starting to get pissed. Thanks for hearing me out. Please sound off if you're in the Northeast and you can relate.
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2020.07.27 20:35 PetulantOrchid Can we talk about New Jersey? Low cases and deaths - still locked down hard.

I'm a lifelong NJ resident and I really love the state. The food, the wildlife, the fact that you can go from beaches to mountains to farms to cities in a stretch of 300 miles, so many things. We get portrayed as the armpit of the country, but that's mostly nonsense from people whose only exposure to the state is watching TV.
Our governor, Phil Murphy, at first struck me as reasonable enough, but the pandemic has really demonstrated his mismanagement of the state. We bore the brunt of the first wave along with NYC, during which we lost thousands in nursing homes, but along with that came the unintended consequence of Murphy aping Andrew Cuomo and crying for federal money and tens of thousands of ventilators.
Whether it was our stricter-than-most mitigation efforts or just the natural progression of the virus, the curve has been smashed into submission. The crisis he cried about never came. We are a state of 9 million people averaging about 400 cases per day. We have less than 700 people statewide in the hospital, 135 of which are in the ICU and 60 of which are on ventilators. That curve sounds flat to me. But the restrictions still won't loosen.
No movie theaters, no indoor dining, no gyms. Just got the yoga/dance/Pilates studios open last week (even though my favorite was open secretly). Indoor dining was slated for July 2. Murphy got spooked about spiking cases in FLORIDA and rescinded permission, leaving thousands of restaurants stocked with food, rehired staff, and no indoor dining. His catchphrase of "data determines dates" is just a tagline. Never has he stated what data benchmark will lead to more things opening, or when.
The best part is how his administration has manipulated and massaged the data to make our progress look less significant. Until last week, the hospital numbers were presumed to be all COVID patients - they never told us otherwise. NOW they reveal that only half of those patients were tested positive and the other half were awaiting test results. But here's the best part.....the average "deaths per day" are high teens or low 20s. They however just revealed last week that that number includes deaths from as far back as March that are JUST NOW being confirmed and added to the daily totals.
They posted today that there were 17 deaths. But how many people died in the last 24 hours?
This is a sham and I'm starting to get pissed. Thanks for hearing me out. Please sound off if you're in the Northeast and you can relate.
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2020.07.22 21:03 JimHeaney Updated Guidance regarding NYS Quarantine

From RIT:
Updated guidance regarding the NY quarantine issue
First, thank you for your patience as we continue to prepare for your return to campus in August. We understand the current landscape can be challenging, but we are adapting with the changes and can’t wait to welcome you back.
As you may have heard, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a travel advisory that requires people traveling from outside the U.S. and from states with high community transmission of COVID-19 to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to New York. This list is subject to change by the Governor’s office.
RIT along with other colleges and universities continue to engage with New York officials to advocate for alternatives to the existing 14-day quarantine requirement for students. If there is an alternative we will immediately inform those students impacted by the travel advisory of the change. However, at this time we will operate under the assumption that all students traveling from areas identified in the travel advisory must comply with the current 14-day quarantine requirement.
To help you to plan accordingly, we have outlined options for you to consider below, but please know that we are actively working to add to these options.
Students in University Housing:
• You can complete your 14-day quarantine in New York or in a state (e.g., staying with a relative or friend) not listed in the travel advisory in advance of your scheduled move-in date.
• The University is actively working with local hotels to provide a reduced rate for students who need to quarantine. We will post a list of hotels providing the reduced rate on the RIT Ready website.
• You can choose to wait until your home state comes off of the NYS restricted list. The University will work with you to arrange for move-in dates after the start of the semester for both domestic and international students who are unable to arrive by the time classes begin on August 19.
Students living off campus:
• You can quarantine in your off-campus residence, keep in mind you must begin your quarantine by August 4 in order to have access to campus privileges when classes begin on August 19.
• You can complete your 14-day quarantine in New York or in a state (e.g., staying with a relative or friend) not listed in the travel advisory. Remember that you must begin your quarantine by August 4 in order to have access to campus privileges when classes begin.
• The University is actively working with local hotels to provide a reduced rate for students who need to quarantine. We will post a list of hotels providing the reduced rate on the RIT Ready website.
• You can choose to wait until your home state comes off of the NYS restricted list.
In terms of academics, we pledge that we do everything possible to support you if you need to begin the fall semester remotely as a result of any complications with your return to RIT. We ask that you remain patient as we work out some of these challenges.
In addition, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the RIT Ready: Fall 2020 Reopening Plan and the RIT Safety Plan. As a reminder, we will need information regarding your current travel plans to help us prepare for your arrival. If you have not done so, please click here to provide us with this important information.
Please continue to regularly check our RIT Ready website for the latest guidance and information. We are RIT Ready, and together, we will keep moving forward.
Sandra S. Johnson
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
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2020.07.16 15:53 ProBillofRights The NY Times got it wrong again. Blame game? Cuomo takes heat over NY nursing home study
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing blistering criticism over an internal report that found a controversial state directive that sent thousands of recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes was “not a significant factor” in some of the nation’s deadliest nursing home outbreaks.
Scientists, health care professionals and elected officials assailed the report released last week for flawed methodology and selective stats that sidestepped the actual impact of the March 25 order, which by the state’s own count ushered more than 6,300 recovering virus patients into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic.
And some accused the state of using the veneer of a scientific study to absolve the Democratic governor by reaching the same conclusion he had been floating for weeks — that unknowingly infected nursing home employees were the major drivers of the outbreaks.
“I think they got a lot of political pushback and so their response was, ‘This isn’t a problem. Don’t worry about it,’” said Rupak Shivakoti, an epidemiologist at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.
“It seems like the Department of Health is trying to justify what was an untenable policy,” added Charlene Harrington, a professor emerita of nursing and sociology at the University of California at San Francisco.
Cuomo, who has been praised for leadership that helped flatten the curve of infections in New York, has also been criticized over his handling of nursing homes, specifically the order that told homes they could not refuse to accept recovering COVID-19 patients from hospitals as long as the patients were “medically stable.” The order barred homes from even testing such patients to see if they still had the virus.
The directive was intended to free up hospital beds for the sickest patients as cases surged. But relatives, patient advocates and nursing home administrators have called it a misguided decision, blaming it for helping to spread the virus among the state’s most vulnerable residents.
Cuomo reversed the order under pressure May 10, long after New York’s death toll in care homes had climbed to among the highest in the nation. To date, nearly 6,500 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus in the state’s nursing home and long-term care-facilities.
But the 33-page state report flatly says “that nursing home admissions from hospitals were not a driver of nursing home infections or fatalities.”
Instead, it says the virus’ rampant run through New York nursing homes was propelled by the 37,500 nursing home workers who became infected between mid-March and early June and unknowingly passed the virus on.
The report noted that the number of residents dying at nursing homes peaked on April 8, around the same time as COVID-19 deaths statewide, but nearly a week before the peak of coronavirus patients being transferred from hospitals.
It also said 80% of the 310 nursing homes that admitted coronavirus patients already had a confirmed or suspected case among its residents or staff before the directive was issued. And it contends the median number of coronavirus patients sent to nursing homes had been hospitalized for nine days, the same period that the study said it likely takes for the virus to no longer be contagious.
“If you were to place blame, I would blame coronavirus,” Dr. Howard Zucker, the state health commissioner, told reporters last week.
Cuomo said in a later news conference that“ugly politics” were behind “this political conspiracy that the deaths in nursing homes were preventable. And now the report has the facts, and the facts tell the opposite story.”
But several experts who reviewed the report at the request of The Associated Press said it has fatal flaws, including never actually addressing the effect of the order.
Among the questions not answered: If 80% of the 310 nursing homes that took coronavirus patients already had cases before the order, what was the effect of the released patients on the other homes that were virus free? If the median number of patients were released into nursing homes for nine days, that means that by the study’s own count more than 3,000 patients were released within nine days. Could they have been infectious? Denis Nash, an epidemiologist at the City University of New York School of Public Health, also noted that New York’s nursing home death toll doesn’t include nursing home residents who died at a hospital, a “potentially huge problem” that undercounts the virus’ toll and could “introduce bias into the analysis.” Among the holes in the study highlighted by University of Texas, Houston, epidemiologist Catherine Troisi was a lack of data on what happened at dozens of nursing homes that had no COVID-19 infections before those sick with the virus were sent to them. “Would this get published in an academic journal? No,” Troisi said.
Shivakoti said he thinks the report may be correct in concluding that the major drivers of the outbreaks were nursing home workers who were sick without knowing it. But that’s not the same as saying the discharges played no role.
“If they didn’t infect other patients directly,” Shivakoti said, “they still could have infected a worker.”
Dr. Mark Dworkin, a former Illinois state epidemiologist, said the finding that people don’t transmit the virus after nine days of illness applies in the population at large, but it’s not clear whether that’s true of nursing home residents who may have weaker immune systems and shed the virus longer. He said the state’s report used “overreaching” language.
“They really need to own the fact that they made a mistake, that it was never right to send COVID patients into nursing homes and that people died because of it,” said Dr. Michael Wasserman, president of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine.
New York Department of Health spokesman Gary Holmes said the study was intended to “measure the strength of the variables. ... The strongest factor in driving the nursing home infections was through staff infections.”
The Cuomo administration report will likely not be the last word. New York’s Legislature plans to hold joint hearings next month, and Republicans in Congress have demanded Cuomo turned over records on the March 25 order and its effects.
“Blame-shifting, name-calling and half-baked data manipulations will not make the facts or the questions they raise go away,” Louisiana U.S Rep. Steve Scalise, Republican leader of a House subcommittee on the COVID crisis, wrote in a letter to Cuomo last week.
Asked to respond, Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said: “We’re used to Republicans denying science but now they are screeching about time, space and dates on a calendar to distract from the federal government’s many, many, embarrassing failures. No one is buying it.”
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2020.07.15 18:02 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters J-L of Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters J-L of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Jackson, Michael (Samuel Gen): Yes, this is a reference to MJ the singer. However, the numbers listed are not MJ’s. They belong to Samuel Gen, a lawyer for a financial advisor (Jerry Seinfeld’s brother-in-law) who worked for MJ for a while. This one was a reach for Epstein.
Jacobson, Julian: Likely a reference to a Managing Director at several London-based investment firms.
Jagger, Mick: World-famous lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Has been seen in photographs with Ghislaine Maxwell. Actress Rae Dawn Chong claims she slept with Jagger when she was 15 years old.
Jagger, Hatti: Former fashion director for Vogue, Harper’s, and Tatler. Also works as a celebrity stylist and at fashion shows.
jake: Not enough info.
Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source:
James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
Janklow, Linda: Literary agent and wife of Mort Janklow, the primary owner of Janklow & Nesbit Associates, the largest literary agency in the world. Attended a party hosted by Sony Pictures with Epstein, although they are not pictured together (source: In 2007, Ghislaine Maxwell threw an exclusive party (80 carefully selected guests) at her NYC townhouse to celebrate the opening of a new shop by designer Allegra Hicks (granddaughter-in-law of Earl Mountbatten, who you can read more about in my G-I Epstein thread under India Hicks’s name). One of the eighty guests was Julie Landlow, daughter of Linda and Mort.
Jarecki, Nancy & Andrew: Andrew is a filmmaker, co-founder of Moviefone, and was a producer on Catfish, the documentary that launched the popular MTV show. Andrew’s family was reportedly friends with Jeffrey Epstein. There is an EXCELLENT thread on the connections between the Jarecki family (especially Andrew and Nick’s father, Henry) and Epstein here (source: Quick summary: Henry was born in Nazi Germany; flew on the Lolita Express; is an expert in psychotropic drugs; owns two islands in the British Virgin Islands; founded the first youth center in the British Virgin Islands; lived 2 miles from Epstein in NYC; owns and donates to many sketchy foundations, schools, and organizations; has donated at least $1 million to leftist organizations). Andrew’s wife Nancy created bettybeauty, a company that specializes in hair dye for your nether regions (not kidding).
Jarecki, Nick: The movie director brother of Andrew and son of Henry Jarecki (see link under Andrew & Nancy Jarecki for more info). Reportedly dated Courtney Love (also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’) in 2015. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at a Gucci party (source:
Jason (canada): Not enough info. Could be artist Jason Wasserman based out of Canada. The second number listed traces back to Station 16 Gallery in Montreal.
Javier: Javier Banon is former Co-head of Merchant Banking at Lehman Brothers and current Founding Partner of Trilantic Europe.
Jeffries, Tim: Ownedirector of Hamiltons Gallery in London. Best known for dating models Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, Kylie Minogue and Sophie Dahl (also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’). Jefferies has attended fundraisers for ARK Academy and the NSPCC. He truly cares about children.
Johnson, Richard & Nadine: Nadine is a millionaire public relations guru. Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s. Some clients of Nadine Johnson include spirit cooking extraordinaire Marina Abramovic and hotelier Andre Balazs, good friend of Ghislaine. Richard is one of the most well-known gossip columnists and was the editor of Page Six for twenty-five years. There is a great thread detailing the Johnsons’ ties to the Clintons, Balazs, and others here (source: Basically, Richard Johnson is friendly with the Clintons and, as Page Six Editor, purposely did not report or downplayed stories on the Clintons and Nadine’s clients. He also took bribes. Considering Nadine is a good friend of Ghislaine, it would not be a stretch to assume that Richard could have buried stories on Maxwell and Epstein. I could spend 10 pages on the shady connections these two have.
Johnson, Lucy: Not enough info.
Jones, Ann & Mick: Mick is the guitarist of Foreigner, an immensely popular rock band in the ‘70s and ‘80s. His wife, Ann, is a jewelry designer, and friend of Ghislaine. Ann Jones was photographed at a party with Ghislaine and Donald Trump in 1997 (source:
Josephson, Barry & Jackie: Barry is a producer and the former President of Production for Columbia Pictures. Jackie is his ex-wife and also a producer.
Karella, Kalliope: Wife of Prince Pierre d’Arenberg. Kalliope is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Kastner, Ron: No info found.
Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source:
Katzeneilenbogen, Mark: Long-time investment banker who used to be based out of South Africa.
Keeling, Sarah: There is a Sarah Keeling in London who is a former British government official with 20 years of experience in national security and intelligence experience, however, the phone number listed has a 410 area code, which leads back to eastern Maryland. Inconclusive.
Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
Keidan, Jon: An entertainment executive-turned-venture capitalist. As an entertainment exec, Keidan worked with John Legend, Dave Matthews Band, and Nappy Roots. Keidan serves on the Council of Foreign Relations, a powerful group that some believe determines foreign policy. Former and current members include former presidents, current and former politicians, business magnates, and celebrities (
Keller, Georgie: Interior designer.
Kellette Frayse, Caroline: Fashion editor at Vogue and Tatler (both magazines constantly come up in Epstein’s contacts). Former girlfriend of Imran Khan, whose name has come up frequently. Passed away in 2014. Her husband, Jean-Marc Fraysse, is a French investment banker.
Kelmenson, Leo-Arthur & Gayl: Leo was an advertising and marketing guru who has been credited with saving Chrysler. Friend and advisor to Lee Iacocca, former President of Chrysler. He worked as Special Project Officer for the U.S. Department of State under President John F. Kennedy and AG Robert F. Kennedy. He had tons of connections. His former maid accused him of sexual harassment in 2010 (source: Kelmenson died less than two months after the story came out.
Kennedy Cuomo, Andrew & Kerry: Andrew is the current governor of New York. It’s no secret that Cuomo is willing to look the other way on sexual deviancy as long as he receives a payoff. Cuomo halted a probe into the handling of Harvey Weinstein’s case in New York after receiving $25,000 from Weinstein’s law firm (source: Andrew’s brother, CNN Host Chris Cuomo famously told viewers “not to get caught up in the intrigue of who Epstein’s friends are” (source: Perhaps, he was covering for his brother. Kerry Kennedy is Cuomo’s ex-wife of fifteen years, the daughter of RFK, and a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Supposedly, Kennedy provided Ghislaine with informal illegal advice (source:
Kennedy Jr. Ted: Son of Ted Kennedy and nephew of JFK and RFK. Ted Jr. dabbled in politics and currently works as a lawyer. His father, Ted, was a notorious sexual abuser (allegedly).
Kennedy, Bobby & Mary: Bobby is the son of RFK and nephew of JFK. Bobby is a known drug abuser and philanderer. Bobby kept a sex journal detailing his conquests while he was married (source: His ex-wife, Mary, committed “suicide” two years after their divorce. Before committing suicide, Mary told a friend that she “feared for her life” and Bobby told her that she “would be better off dead” (source:
Kennedy, Ethel: Widow of RFK Sr. and mother of eleven, including Bobby Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, and Joseph Kennedy II.
Kennedy, Jo: Joseph Kennedy II is the son of RFK Sr. and Ethel. Served in the House of Representatives from 1987-1999. In 1973, Joseph was convicted of negligent driving after paralyzing a young woman. He was fined $100.
Kennedy, Senator Edward: Brother of JFK and RFK, Ted Kennedy served as U.S. Senator of Massachusetts for 47 years. Besides politics, Ted is best known for the Chappaquiddick incident in which a young female speechwriter for RFK drowned to death when he lost control of his vehicle while driving across a bridge. He was charged with leaving the scene of an incident and given a two month suspended sentence. Ted was also notorious for his extramarital affairs. Senator Kennedy once hosted a party at his house attended by Bill Clinton and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Rothschild wrote a letter to Clinton afterwards in which she mentions that they spoke about Epstein (source: It is unclear what was said or what Rothschild’s connection could possibly be.
Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton ( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo, who you can read about in my G-I ‘Black Book’ thread.
Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
Kidd, Jemma: Kidd is a British makeup artist, fashion model, and aristocrat. Married to Arthur Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Wellington, making her a Countess. Kidd is an interesting figure with elite connections. From 2005-2012, Ghislaine Maxwell served as Director of Jemma Kidd Make-Up Limited, a U.K. makeup company, which was founded by Kidd. Not only did Ghislaine serve as Director, but she was also a shareholder, along with the Rothschild family (source: If you click around the PDFs on this website (, you can see everything. The 16 JUN 2006 PDF on page 3 shows you a list of Officers and shareholders of the company. Jemma Kidd has also attended charity events for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) ( Her sister, Jodie, is also a huge supportefundraiser of the NSPCC, as well as the Help a London Child and Monsoon Accessorize Trust charities, both of which help out disadvantaged children (source:
King, Abby: No info found.
Kirwin Taylor, Charlie & Helen: Charles is an investment banker. He was former CEO of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, an investment firm which shows up a few times through Epstein’s contacts. His wife, Helen, is a journalist.
Kirwin Taylor, Peter: British financier. Was a member of the Pilgrims Society (, a group that has included the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other elites amongst its ranks.
Kissinger, Dr. Henry A: Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Nixon. Kissinger has long been accused of committing war crimes (ex: carpet bombing Cambodia, installing fascist governments in Chile and Argentina, genocide, extending our stay in Vietnam, etc) yet somehow managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Kissinger once said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Kissinger served with Epstein on the Trilateral Commission. Kissinger has also been a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, and Bohemian Grove. Long thought to be an advocate for a globalist New World Order, Kissinger is a scumbag of the highest order. His connections with Gates, the Clintons, Bush Sr. and Jr., the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds are well-documented. If anyone here has ever done any research regarding the NWO, you have undoubtedly seen Kissinger’s name several times.
Klee, Rupert & Charlotte de: Rupert is a Director with Oakridge Group, a property development and investment company. His wife, Charlotte, is the producer of the religious plays at Wintershall.
Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home ( Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell ( Thankfully, Koch died last year.
Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
Kotze, Alex Von: British businessman involved in the tech industry.
Kravetz, Anna: Not much info found. Has a degree in finance from Wharton School and used to live on Park Avenue in NYC.
Krooth, Caryn: A successful real estate agent based out of Los Angeles
Kudrow, Alistar: No info found.
Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
Lalaunis, Demetra: Daughter of Ilias Lalaounis, a pioneer in Greek jewelry and a world renowned goldsmith.
Lambert, Christopher: Well-known actor.
Lambert, David: Former partner, managing director, and VP at Goldman Sachs.
Lambert, Edward: Lampert is a billionaire hedge fund manager and former CEO of Sears. Lampert graduated from Yale University in 1984 where he was a member of Skull and Bones. Rumored pedophile David Geffen gave Lampert $200 million to invest in 1992, when Lampert was just 29 years old. Lampert made Geffen $1 billion.
Lambos Duff & John: Karen “Duff” Duffy is an actress, model, and TV personality. She has had memorable roles as the love interest in “Blank Check” and as JP Shay in “Dumb and Dumber.” Duffy has battled with sarcoidosis, a deadly central nervous system disease, since the mid-’90s. She credits Harvey Weinstein with saving her life ( John is a former banker with Morgan Stanley and current President of GCA-US, an investment banking company.
Lang, Caroline: An art expert and Chairman at Sotheby’s Switzerland.
Lange, Dieter: Former Partner at WilliamHare, an international law firm with offices in London, Berlin, the U.S., Beijing, and Brussels. Passed away in 2010.
Larsen Janet: The only one I can find is a Business Psychologist based out of London.
Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
Lawford Christopher & Jean: Christopher was an actor and relative of the Kennedys. His uncles were JFK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy. Many of his relatives appear in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’. His first wife, Jeannie, was an ad-sales associate for New York Magazine.
Lawton Paul: Two British businessmen with the same name come up. Both have extensive resumes. Could be either one.
Lazar, Christopher & Marie: Christophe seems to be a realtor in Paris, but I am not completely sure.
Le Bon, Simon & Jasmine: Simon is the lead singer of Duran Duran. His wife, Yasmin, is/was a fashion model. Yasmin is represented by Models1 in London. Models1 also represents Epstein and Ghislaine’s friend, Naomi Campbell. Le Bon has been accused of sexual assault in the past (
Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (
Le Marg Willie: No info found.
Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
Leeds, Jeffrey: Co-founder and Managing Partner of Leeds Equity. One of Leeds Equity’s partner companies is Endeavor Schools, which runs private preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools in Florida and 11 other states ( They are also partners with Fusion Educational Group (now Fusion Academy), which runs a chain of private secondary schools ( Former teacher Kris White, now the head of Fusion Academy in Palo Alto, allegedly told a student that he was in love with her and wrote her a note saying he was “obsessed” with her. ( This story was just published on July 12, 2020. Hypothetically, if one wanted to procure underage children, it would certainly help if the head of the school was on board and possibly a pedophile himself. According to this former teacher at Fusion Academy, “many students struggle with learning differences, behavioral issues, and/or addictions” ( In other words, the downtrodden and vulnerable. Fusion Academy refers to itself as a non-traditional school that focuses on individual students. Seems like a great opportunity. Leeds was also good friends with Epstein ( and has close ties to Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani (
Lefcourt, Jerry: Famous lawyer who defended Epstein in 2007. That same year, Epstein donated $250,000 to the Washington-based Foundation for Criminal Justice, where Lefcourt was a board member.
Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
Levine, Phillip: Ex-Miami Beach mayor and close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He claims that he doesn’t know how Epstein got his contact information… all 13 phone numbers, including those of his driver and housekeepers (!
Liman, Doug: Popular Hollywood director and producer. He directed Swingers, The Bourne Identity, and a couple of Tom Cruise movies.
Lindeman-Barnet, Sloan & Roger: Sloan has been a New York Times bestseller and an on-air and print reporter for NBC, ABC, and Reuters. Sloan and Roger also sit on the board of the Spence School in New York City, a private K-12 all-girls school ( Her husband, Roger, is the founder of and Chairman and CEO of Shaklee, a highly successful nutrition company. Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Ghislaine Maxwell all attended the publication party for Sloan’s book in 2008 ( ; guests included Steve Mnuchin, Epstein and Maxwell chum Carol Mack, and a bunch of others also featured in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ (Colin Cowie, Anton and Robin Katz, and Vittorio Assaf).
Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan (mentioned just above). Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
Lindsay, Alex & Jaclyn: Alex is a war documentary maker who rents out his loft at the address Epstein has listed (
Lindsey, Ludovic: Racecar driver.
Lindsley, Blake: Actress who was in two movies directed by Doug Liman (also in Epstein’s book) - “Swingers” and “Getting In.”
Linley, David: Princess Margaret’s son, Queen Elizabeth II’s nephew, and first cousin of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. Linley is a furniture maker and the 2nd Earl of Snowdon. He used to be the Chairman of Christie’s auction house in the UK.
Liogos, Babis: No info found, but one of the numbers traces back to Thylan Associates, a real estate and investment firm.
Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods, or it could be a conservationist. Not sure which.
Livanos, Arriette: I believe this Arietta Livanos, wife of Greek shipping magnate, Stavros Livanos. Arietta passed away in 1986.
Lo Cascio, Robert: Founder and CEO of LivePerson, a tech company that develops conversational commerce. LoCascio was photographed with Ghislaine at an after party in 2012 (
Loeb, Alex: Alexandra is the daughter of John Loeb, former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark under Reagan and former Delegate to the United Nations. John Loeb was also a special advisor to Nelson Rockefeller. Alexandra is also a descendant of the Lehman family (Lehman Brothers). Alexandra graduated from Spence Day School for Girls (mentioned earlier under Sloan and Roger Lindemann-Barnett).
Lonsdale, Richard: British investment banker.
Lorenzoti, Eva Vivre: Founder of luxury online retailer, and is a TV spokesperson/personality. Good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell and a couple of Rockefellers were guests at her house for a dinner party in 2010 (
Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
Louthan Guy J: Prolific British film producer and former boyfriend of actress Liz Hurley (also in Epstein’s book).
Love, Courtney: Famous drug addict, musician, and actress who likely killed her husband, Kurt Cobain. Courtney famously claimed that Prince Andrew showed up to her house late one night in 2000 looking for sex. She has since retracted this claim. The entries under Love’s name all say ‘Dana’ next to them. This is Courtney’s ex-boyfriend, Dana Giacchetto. Giacchetto was considered to be the “stockbroker to the stars” and was friends with JFK Jr, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and many others. He ripped his clients off of millions. Even more telling, Giacchetto was involved in a sex abuse case against X-Men director Bryan Singer ( He died in 2016 after he partied too hard and overdosed (
Lowell, Ivana: Guinness heiress who wrote about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse while she worked at Miramax in her book back in 2010 ( She also dated Harvey’s younger brother, Bob.
Loyd Mark: No info found.
Lucas, Colin: The godfather of Boris Johnson, England’s current Prime Minister. Lucas is a British historian and university administrator. Served as Vice Chancellor of Oxford University from 1997-2004.
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2020.07.13 20:21 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters G-I in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters G-I of Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Gaetani, Gelasio: Count Gelasio Gaetani comes from one of the oldest families in Rome. The Gaetani (also known as Caetani) family has produced 3 popes, including Pope Boniface VIII. Gelasio is a wine specialist and vineyard owner who helps celebrities buy the most unique bottles of wine throughout the world.
Gaetani, Rufreido: Roffredo Gaetani was an Italian count, prince, and duke who died in a car crash in 2005. Roffredo came to the public’s attention when he dated Ivana Trump in the 1990s. Brother of Gelasio.
Gallman, Kuki: Kuki Gallmann is a best-selling author (5 of her books were global best sellers), poet, environmental activist, and conservationist. Owns a 98,000 acre cattle ranch in Kenya with her husband, which she turned into a conservation park.
Ganero, Mario Jr.: Where do we even begin? Mario Garnero is a Brazilian banker and entrepreneur who has been deemed the “father of the ethanol car” and is the chairman of the board and primary shareholder of Brasilinvest Group, a banking firm worth $700 million. Garnero’s connections run extremely deep. He is/has been personal friends with Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Schmidt, and many others. The following website makes some startling connections between Garnero, Epstein, and others (source: Quick summary: Record producer Damon Dash (former co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z) allegedly raped a supermodel who worked for Naomi Campbell at a party thrown by Garnero (source:
Garnero has been referred to as a “Rothschild pawn” who tried to help Aecio Neves rise to power. Garnero also appointed “George Soros frontman, Arminio Fraga, who worked in Soros’ Quantum Fund, as Minister of the Economy.”
Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Garcia, Ludmila: No info found.
Gardner. Adam: No info found.
Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London.
Garson, Jeremy: Likely refers to the lawyer who is a partner at Herbert Smith Freehills who specializes in large-scale international commercial disputes. Not completely positive, though.
Gaspar, Nacho: Not sure. Could be a number of Ignazio Gaspars, all of whom are businessmen.
Gaul, Harriett: Harriett Jagger is a fashion stylist and former fashion director of Tatler, a fashion magazine owned by Conde Nast (parent company of Vogue, GQ, etc.), which has come up several times during my investigations, and Harpers. She had a daughter with property dealer Simon Gaul, the Godson of Prince Rainier of Monaco.
Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club. Billionaire Ron Burkle owns 60% of Soho House. Burkle, along with Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey, travelled to Africa for an anti-poverty, anti-AIDs tour on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Nothing fishy there.
Gelardin, Jack: No info found. The address listed is located in Chelsea, London, and sold for over 5 million pounds in 2013.
German-Ribon, Catriona: Catriona Blampied (nee German-Ribon) is the Managing Partner, Founder, and Owner of talent agency Procure Worldwide & Procure Digital since 2016. Worked as Managing Director at Platinum Rye Entertainment, another talent agency, before that.
Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
Gibbs, Emma: Former girlfriend of Prince Andrew. Gibbs was introduced to Prince Andrew by her good friend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Gibbs worked as a PR consultant.
Gibson, Caroline: Likely to be the award-winning freelance copywriter and content writer who has worked on a number of high-profile advertisements.
Gilifilan, Andrew: Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for Cambridge University Press. Retired in 2012.
Gillford, Lord & Lady: Lord Gillford is Patrick Meade, the 8th Earl of Clanwilliam. He is a businessman who is on the board of Soma Oil & Gas Holdings and Eurasia Drilling Company, where he served as Chairman. Eurasia Drilling Company is owned by Russian billionaire oligarch, Alexander Dzhaparidze and billionaire Alexander Putilov.
Gilmour, Andrew & Emma: Gilmour is a diplomat for the UN who has spoken out strongly against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Gilmour’s father, Sir Ian Gilmour, served as a minister in Margaret Thatcher’s first cabinet. Emma Gilmour (nee Williams) is a physician and author.
Ginsberg, Gary: Former Executive VP of Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the fourth-largest media group in the world prior to splitting in 2013. Ginsberg was a close confidant of Rupert Murdoch and Peter Chernin while at News Corp. Ginsberg also served in the Clinton Administration at the White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice. Ginsberg has brokered meetings between Rupert Murdoch and the Clintons, as well as Obama. Ginsberg is currently on the Board of Directors of New Visions for Public Schools, which designs course curricula for students in NYC. New Visions supports many schools, impacting 230,000 students (source: Their Networks for School Improvement Initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New Visions also has ties to the Carnegie Foundation, which donates millions of dollars in grants (source:!/grants/grants-database/grant/312395808.0/). Ginsberg is also a friend of and speechwriter for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Gittis, Howard: Gittis (1934-2007) was an attorney and adviser to billionaire businessman Ron Perelman. He worked at MacAndrews & Forbes, an investment firm owned by Perelman. In 1995, Perelman hosted a dinner with Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton college friend Arnold Paul Prosperi, Don Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Don Fowler, who was the co-chairman of the DNC. More on Perelman later.
Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
Glanville, Mary: A philanthropy consultant who spent years in TV, Glanville also worked as a PR contact for the Bonita Trust which donated £100,000 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) back in 2009 to “update its ChildLine technical infrastructure and purchase essential equipment so that more children can get help from its ChildLine service” (source: Glanville was the author of that PR statement.
Glass, Charlie: Could possibly be Charles Glass, author, publisher, and journalist that specializes in the Middle East, but I cannot confirm.
Glentworth, Edmund & Emily: Edmund Pery is the 7th Earl of Limerick and was formerly known as Viscount Glentworth. He worked in British government until becoming director of Deutsche Bank. Emily is Edmund’s wife.
Goess, Pilar: A countess and Austrian-American model who posed for Playboy. Goess died in 1999 from a brain tumor.
Goldberg, Ellen: President of Santa Fe Institute, an organization in New Mexico that hosts faculty consisting of Nobel Laureates, members of the National Academy of Sciences, and MacArthur fellows. Goldberg is also a research professor in the Department of Biology at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Goldberg is a member of the Biology Advisory Committee of the National Science Foundation, and of the National Advisory Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council at the National Institutes of Health. Goldberg has a Ph.D. in genetics from Cornell University Medical College.
Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
Golinkin, Sandy: Former Vice President and Publisher of Lucky, a fashion and lifestyle magazine owned by Conde Nast. Has frequently been photographed with celebrities and elite at various parties.
Gomez, Thomas: Thomas Gommes is a former international corporate lawyer.
Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
Gore, Juliet: The only Juliet Gore I found is the co-director of Neuro Orthopaedic Institute out of Australia. Doesn’t feel right.
Gottlieb, Steve: A music executive who discovered Nine Inch Nails, Pitbull, Sevendust, and Ja Rule. He has served on the boards of Napster and Musicmatch. He is currently CEO of Shindig, a Zoom-like platform for people to meet each other online.
Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source:
Granby, David: David Charles Robert Manners is the 11th Duke of Rutland. He also goes by the Marquess of Granby. Granby is a high-profile supporter of the UK Independence Party and has hosted fundraising events at his ancestral home, Belvoir Castle. Employed Harvey Proctor, the former Conservative Parliament member who had to resign because he had sexual relations with underage male prostitutes, as his personal secretary.
Grange, Jacques: A French interior designer for the rich. Clients include Princess Caroline of Monaco, Francis Ford Coppola, Alain Ducasse, and several billionaires, to name a few.
Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
Greece Princess Olga: Princess Olga, Duchess of Apulia (nee Princess Olga Isabelle of Greece) married her second cousin, Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia, in 2008. Olga’s father is first cousins with Prince Phillip (Queen Elizabeth’s wife).
Greece, MC & Pavlos: Pavlos is the eldest son of Constantine II, the last King of Greece, before the monarchy was abolished in 1973. Worked in New York as an investment portfolio manager. MC is his wife, Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece. Her father is the billionaire founder of Duty Free Shops. Her sisters, Alexandra and Pia, married into the von Furstenberg and Getty families, respectively. A dinner party was thrown for them at the Standard Hotel in 2009. There were about 12 guests there. One of those exclusive guests was Ghislaine Maxwell (source:
Green, Deborah: No info found.
Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
Green, Judy: A New York socialite who hobnobbed with an elite crowd. She was considered Andy Warhol’s first muse. He did her photo portrait and she starred in his first movie, The Kiss. She was reportedly close with Frank Sinatra. Edgar M. Bromfman served as Best Man at her wedding to William John Green in 1964. Bromfman is the owner of Seagram, the beverage company. His daughters, Clare and Sara, were members of NXIVM, a cult that recruited women and forced them into sexual slavery.
Gregg Geordie & Katherine: Geordie Grieg is an English journalist and editor of The Daily Mail. Grieg is good friends and has been photographed partying with Ghislaine Maxwell. He is the former editor of Tatler, a Conde Nast-owned British magazine that is targeted towards the upper class and those interested in high society events. Tatler connections come up constantly in the ‘Black Book.’
Grenfell, Natasha: Daughter of Lord St Just, heir to a banking fortune and Wilbury Park mansion. Her mother was actress and one-time Tennessee Williams love interest, Maria Britneva. Natasha is a socialite who has is friends with royalty, actors, and musicians
Griffen, Ted: This is most likely screenwriter, producer, and director Ted Griffin. He has worked on The Wolf of Wall Street, Ocean’s Eleven, and Tower Heist.
Griscom, Nina: A model, socialite, TV personality, and entrepreneur who died earlier this year. Her first husband was a modeling booker for Ford Models, which I wrote about in the D-F section of Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ (link: She went on to cheat on her next husband with sugar billionaire Pepe Fanjul, who is also mentioned in the D-F link above. Was a close friend of Blaine Trump, ex-wife of Robert Trump, Donald’s younger brother.
Gross, Pamela & Jimmy Finkelstein: James Finkelstein is the owner of The Hill, an American news website often cited here in /conspiracy. He is close with Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Pamela Gross is his wife. She worked at CNN until 2017 and is close friends with Melania Trump.
Grossman Lloyd: Loyd Grossman is an British author and broadcaster best known for hosting Masterchef from 1990-2000, before it was reformatted. Also co-created Through the Keyhole, a British game show, with David Frost, who is also in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
Gubelmann, Marjorie: A socialite who is best known for hosting and performing as a DJ at high society parties. She has deejayed events for Bulgari, Versace, and others. She is currently the in-studio DJ for the Today with Hoda & Jenny show on NBC. Her ex-husband, Reza Raein works in oil. Guests at their wedding included Ivanka Trump, Tamara Mellon, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch.
Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
Gudefin, Christian: A financial advisor at Deutsche Bank, which as of Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, agreed to pay $150 million in fines because they ignored suspicious transactions made by Jeffrey Epstein (source: Gudefin is also a financial advisor at Fdx Capital LLC and Managing Partner at Confidas Capital.
Guedroltz, Solina & Nicolas: Solina is a photographer. Her father is a viscount. Nicolas is an antique Russian furniture dealer. He is a Russian prince and is of Belgian nobility through his mother’s side.
Guerini Maraldi, Alessandro: Chairman of Willis Towers Watson, a British insurance company. Guerrini-Maraldi’s name appears in the Panama Papers, which revealed the identities of many rich and powerful people who have avoided paying taxes through offshore accounts.
Guerrand-Hermes, Valesca: Socialite and ex-wife of French fashion house heir, Mathias Guerrand. Guerrand-Hermes is on the Board of Directors of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC) (source: NYSPCC is a child protection agency. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at the 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting Wall Street Rising at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. You can’t make this stuff up.
Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition ( to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
Guiness, Sabrina: Guinness comes from a long line of wealthy bankers. She had a relationship with Prince Charles in 1979. Cousin of Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh, heir to the Guinness fortune. Edward Guinness’s wife, Lady Clare Iveagh (nee Hazell) plays a HUGE role in Epstein’s pedophilia ring. More on her later (she is listed under I for Iveagh). Her sister, Anita Guinness, was married to Amschel Rothschild until his suicide in 1996.
Guinness, Mr Hugo: An artist from the same banking family as sister Sabrina (above). Guinness has collaborated with director Wes Anderson on a number of films. Cousin of Edward Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh, heir to the Guinness fortune. Edward Guinness’s wife, Lady Clare Iveagh (nee Hazell) plays a HUGE role in Epstein’s pedophilia ring. More on her later (she is listed under I for Iveagh).
Guissaini, Luca: Listed above under Giussani, Luca. CEO of Dorial Telecom.
Gumberg, Ira: Chairman and CEO of JJ Gumberg Co., a high-end real estate development firm based out of Pittsburgh. Gumberg served on the Board of Mellon Financial Corporation from 1989-2007.
Guttfreund, Susan & John: Susan is a former beauty queen and notorious party thrower. Her husband, John, was CEO of Salomon Brothers, the large investment bank. He was dubbed the “King of Wall Street” by Business Week in 1985. He died in 2016.
Hahn, Dr & Mrs: Likely Carl Hahn, former head of Volkswagen.
Hall, Pippa: There are two Pippa Halls that this could possibly be. One is a movie casting director who was in charge of casting children for movies (source: The other Pippa Hall is Director of Innovation and Chief Economist at the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO). There is not enough info to determine which one is in the ‘Black Book.’
Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
Hambro, Clementine: Great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill who also served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana when she was just five-years-old. Her father, Richard, was a British heir and investment banker. K
Hamilton, George: Famous actor who took Ghislaine Maxwell to the Epsom Derby (horse race) in 1991. Epstein has a significant amount of phone numbers listed for Hamilton.
Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
Handler, Sharon: International attorney who is friends with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles. Married to John Langeloth Loeb Jr., former United States Ambassador to Denmark under Reagan.
Hanover, Ernst & chantal: Prince Ernst Hanover is the head of the royal House of Hanover. The House of Hanover has produced six British monarchs, including King George III and Queen Victoria. The current British monarchy, the Windsors, are actually of German and British descent, which is why these family trees intersect. Most notably, the House of Hanover is perhaps the most important of the Black Nobility families. There have been some fantastic threads on Reddit about the Black Nobility.
Hanson, Brook: Adopted son of British industrialist, Lord Hanson, Brook died in 2014 at the age of 50.
Hanson, Lord & Lady: British industrialist who made a fortune in the ‘80s as a Trade and Industry Secretary in close friend Margaret Thatcher’s administration. His wife, Geraldine, was a former model. They are both dead.
Hanson, The Hon Robert: British financier and eldest son of Lord Hanson. Chairman of Hanson Family Holdings, a private investment firm. In the 1980s, Robert worked as a banker at NM Rothschild & Sons before returning to his father’s company. Before getting married, Hanson dated socialite Anouska de Georgiou, who became the first British woman to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of raping her as a teenager (source: Odd that Robert Hanson, his brother Brook, and his parents would have wanted anything to do with Epstein.
Hapsburg, Marie: Royalty. Her father was Archduke Joseph Arpad of Austria and her mother, Archduchess Maria of Austria, was a Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and a member of the House of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg by birth. The Hapsburg (also called Habsburg) family is one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in Europe. The Hapsburgs are another Black Nobility family of very high prestige. I couldn’t find anything out about her husband, Raymond van der Meide. They have 7 children together.
Harvey Victoria: Ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Hervey is an English model and socialite. Although her relationship with Andrew didn’t work out, she remained in his inner circle. In 2000, she attended a dinner with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein (source: Hervey is also a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who introduced her to Epstein and “set her up in one of Epstein’s apartments in New York.” Hervey is the daughter of Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, businessman and member of the House of Lords.
Harvey-Watt, Isabelle: Director of PR for Giorgio Armani before moving on to Versace and other well-known fashion corporations.
Haslam, Nick: English interior designer and socialite. His mother was the Goddaughter of Queen Victoria. Haslam claims to have had an affair with Lord Snowdon one year before he married Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth’s sister), further fueling rumors of Lord Snowdon’s alleged bisexuality.
Hatkoff, Craig & Jane: Hatkoff is a real estate investor, who, along with his ex-wife, Jane Rosenthal, and Robert De Niro, founded the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute. Hatkoff has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.
Hauteville, Marc de: Manages Soc Civile du Frayssinet, a real estate company based out of France. There is very little information other than this. Both of his parents appear to be members of noble families - the Hautevilles and the Cazenoves - who have historical ties to the Du Ponts.
Hay, Henry & Patricia: Henry Hay is CEO and co-founder of Centaur Properties, a large real estate firm based out of New York. Centaur’s holdings are concentrated in the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan.
Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
Hazell-Iveagh, Clare: This amazing thread made by clemanueverers contains all the info you need: Quick summary: Hazell-Iveagh helped Maxwell and Epstein procure children using her position as President of West Suffolk National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Click on the link. Clemanueverers did a wonderful job.
Hearn, Barry & Susan: Barry is a hugely popular English sports promoter, as is his son, Eddie, who represents some of the biggest boxers in the world. Former boxer and popular Youtuber Tyan Booth was supposedly banned immediately after posting a video connecting Epstein to Hearn. I have tried to find the video or at least a summary of what he said, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone has any info on this, please post below.
Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. Although I try not to engage in speculation, this article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source: It’s too long to summarize. Read it and check it out.
Heiden, Lisa: Worked in Manhattan and London as an executive for ABC. Close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. According to the fantastic research done by this person (, two of Lisa Heiden’s properties are listed as an address for Ellmax, a company set up by Ghislaine.
Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Helvin, Marie: Former fashion model and former girlfriend of Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. According to her memoir, she knows pretty much any popular celebrity from the ‘70s and ‘80s.
Herbert, Jason: Likely a financial adviser based in London.
Hermes, Olga & Olaf: Olaf is a handbag heir. Olga is his ex-wife.
Herrero, Juan & Helen: Juan is like the managing director of an investment bank in Spain.
Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs: Baron Michael Heseltine is a British businessman and politician who served in various roles in government for British PMs Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Heseltine was a friend of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father. Heseltine invested in Conservative Parliament member Harvey Proctor’s business after Proctor was forced to resign after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home (source: At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostiutes under the age of 21.
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs: Same as above.
Heseltine, Ms. Annabel: Journalist, columnist, and TV and radio broadcaster. At the age of 22, she became the Assistant-editor for Hong Kong Tatler (there’s that publication again). Daughter of Baron Michael Heseltine.
Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
Hicks, India: A fashion model in the ‘80s and ‘90s, India Hicks is a good friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Descendant of the Mountbatten family, a British dynasty (although much of their background is German). Granddaughter of the much-decorated war hero, Lord Mountbatten (Prince Charles’s mentor), who, according to FBI files, was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys” (source: Prince Charles is her second cousin and Godfather.
Hill, Anthony: Son of Robin Hall, 8th Marquess of Downshire and Juliet Weld-Forester, daughter of 7th Baron Forester. Couldn’t find any more info.
Himmelstein, Howard: Co-owner of clothing brand Camp Beverly Hill and a producescreenwriter.
Hirsch, Jeff: Owner of Foto Care, a shop that sells professional camera equipment. Claims he is only in the ‘Black Book’ because he sold an expensive camera to Ghislaine many years ago and had to go to her house to show her how to use it (source: This, however, doesn’t explain why there are two numbers listed under Hirsch’s name that are attributed to Scott Geffert, the General Manager for Advanced Imaging at the MET museum. This could all be innocent or these two could have assisted in Epstein’s hidden camera setup and helped Epstein get high quality pictures of his victims. We can’t be sure.
Hissom, Robert & Andrea: Robert is the founder of Aspen Capital Partners, a large property management firm. He is a friend of Prince Charles. His ex-wife, Andrea, famously got remarried to Steve Wynn, billionaire Las Vegas hotel tycoon. Prince Harry was a guest of Wynn’s at his Encore resort. Andrea and Wynn are close friends of Donald and Melania Trump (source:
Hoffman, Dustin: Famous Hollywood actor. Hoffman has been accused of sexual assault on multiple occasions, including exposing himself to a minor (source:
Hoffman, Hetty: Married to Robin Dundas, Earl of Ronaldshay. Lady Ronaldshay is a patron and ambassador for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, a UK-based charity that provides care for terminally ill babies and children up to five years old. A good friend of Ben Holland-Martin (listed just below).
Hoffman, Jessica: Sister of Hetty Hoffman (above), Jessica is an artist and former model who married investment banker Leopoldo Zambeletti. She is a good friend of India Hicks (mentioned above), the granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten (Prince Charles’s mentor), who, according to FBI files, was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys.”
Holland-Martin, Ben: Works for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). His mother, Rosamund, was chairman of the NSPCC for 20 years while Princess Margaret was President and was involved with the NSPCC for more than 50 years (source: Both Ben and his mother are/were friends of Princess Margaret. Rosamund Holland-Martin (nee Hornby) was related to Charles Hornby, a British socialite and close friend of Prince Charles, who was sentenced to 2 ½ years for luring young runaway boys into prostitution, indecent assault, importuning, and living off the earnings of prostitution (source:,2085303). Ben is also good friends with Hetty Hoffman (mentioned above), who is an ambassador for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice.
Hollond Mr & Mrs James: James is a partner at EFP Capital, an investment and advisory firm. James’s mother married Baron Robert Rothschild after her and James’s father divorced. His now ex-wife, Beatrice, is on many investing firm boards, but most notably, she is a trustee on the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, a charity that specializes in helping disadvantaged children (source: If anyone has more info on these two, please post. Epstein has 10 pieces of contact information under their name.
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2020.07.11 22:44 Fador33 DECN - Some DD for you on this Saturday

DECN is a company that was founded in the early 2000s. Before COVID-19 shocked the world, their product was(and still is) an at-home blood glucose testing strip; these items can be found on Amazon and a plethora of other medical sites.
On March 3rd, 2020, they announced an introduction to their screening method for COVID-19.
"Our product is timely, simple to use, cost-effective, and will be commercially ready in the summer of 2020."
"I want to say straight on that we have developed a Coronavirus screening method, not a cure or a vaccine for this virus. That being said, our screening method should allow for 80% of the suspected carriers of Coronavirus to exit the quarantine systems in the places where Coronavirus is rampant."

Before this announcement, the stock was trading sub $0.02. On March 3rd, the stock reached a peak of $0.045.

The next day, they had more PR come out that stated the following:
"..... GenViro for the Coronavirus (covid19) began as an outgrowth of our GenUltimate TBG product line. What makes the testing for the Coronavirus possible, and the GenUltimate TBG special is the company's Impedance measurement technology."
DECN's stock price stayed within the $0.03-$0.04 range with this PR
On March 11th, just a week after their first announcement, they put out a PR that started a lot of buzz and hype.
"Today... we present the Coronavirus test kit and the Phase 1 unit forecast... We anticipate the sale of 420,000,000 kits in the first full year of commercial sale. The company has retained FDA counsel who is in the process of securing expected emergency waiver for diagnostics and diagnostic devices."
"Keith Berman, CEO of DECN commented, "Because we perfected the Impedance technology in 2019 for our GenUltimate TBG glucose test strip and meter, we have shaved months off of the development time for the GenViro! device."
This caused the stock price to jump from sub $0.025 to over $0.07; within a week it went up 350% and started gaining a lot more eyes due to how big this virus was starting to get around the world.
Over the coming weeks, they would put out more and more PR highlighting the product previously spoken about, and this would gain the eyes of a lot of investors because of how rapidly the virus was spreading.
Some key quotes from their PR:
"We are awaiting (the) release of blood samples from previously infected people in Daegu, Korea, so that we can complete testing and make a final report to the U.S. FDA so that we may secure our Emergency Waiver."
"We are happy to inform all interested parties that we have raised our 12-month forecast to 525 million kits."
"... receiving a plan from our technical and R&D director, we decided to take the next step with GenViro™and further refine its use for hospitals. While we have not yet forecast sales to hospitals, and while most of the lesser but competitive products are directed toward hospital uses, we nonetheless believe that hospitals will be a large future source of revenues."
"Mr. Berman concluded, "I have been in and around the in-vitro diagnostics business for over 40 years, and never before in all of that time, have I witnessed a policy like this. This latest guidance from the FDA shaves months from our product development process, and we all shall reap these benefits. Tomorrow we will discuss our new plans going forward now that we will shortly be a two product coronavirus diagnostics company."
"DECN announces that the company's Board of Directors has approved the offering of $13 million in non-dilutive debt financing, the first $2 million in Notes, followed by a $1 million credit facility to purchase manufacturing equipment for their Korean manufacturing facility, and the remaining $10 million in a revolving line of credit to finance inventory."
At this point, the stock that originally was trading below $0.02 is now trading near $0.26.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
***** "GenViro! provides results in 15 seconds, based on a small finger-prick blood sample. The method is safe, effective, and its biggest benefit to the healthcare system is that the device can be used to screen out the 97% or 98% of those tested that are negative for COVID-19. Our method is quicker, provides the desired result, is much cheaper, and effective." ***** - March 23rd
Over the coming weeks, they release more and more PR, all leading up to April 23rd, where they announce a 2nd EUA application, followed by a response from the SEC.
Before April 23rd, the stock was now trading around the $0.40 mark, an astounding jump in share price from what it was trading at pre-test kit.
"The company's goal for GenViro! is not just to receive EUA approval from the FDA, but when this approval is received, to become the go-to testing solution, in demand by Professional organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, even sports teams"
"New markets for our GenViro! have also been recently identified, the latest -- large businesses, Fortune 500 companies, seeking to reopen for business in the next month or two.... Some of these businesses have already contacted the company and even tried to place large purchase orders for GenViro! Swift kits, using the first in line principal, so that they may test and retest returning employees. No other test kit can accomplish this."
Then, the SEC announces the following:
"The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of DECN because of questions regarding the accuracy and adequacy of information in the marketplace since at least March 3, 2020."
The stock has a sudden fall to the $0.20 mark and is suspended from trading for 10 days
DECN puts out a response 4 days later
"Prior to the trading suspension Keith Berman, DECN's CEO, had voluntarily submitted to over three hours of interviews conducted by SEC staff members over multiple days. At the conclusion of the second interview, a third interview was requested by the staff. Instead, the SEC suspended trading without warning or further discussion.""Despite the interim trading suspension... intends to press its negotiations with the FDA for expedited approval of the company's GenViro! Swift Kit for the testing of the Covid-19 virus."
Even with the SEC halting the trading of their stock, they continue to press with the kit that is being put into question.


The day the stock became un-halted, it fluctuated from $0.015 to $0.21. May 15th, DECN responded with an amended petition for their trading suspension:


May 20th, SEC publishes their information at the time of the suspension:


May 21st, DECN publishes their testing results for interested parties.
"Both of our Covid-19 test kits are now in the FDA EUA review process. The company has received Pre-EUA Acknowledgement letters from the U.S. FDA for (the) device (serial number) PEUA200232, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit for professional use in commercial and group settings and device (serial number) PEUA200947, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit for at-home use."


June 17th, DECN responds to the SEC information:

They also apply for a provisional patent for their test-kit:


July 1st, the SEC releases the final documentation for the petition on the suspension of trading:

"... the Commission’s opinion that the public interest and the protection of investors required suspension of trading in DECN’s securities was the right decision and remains the right decision. Accordingly, the Petition should be denied."

Read this, at the very least, if you are going to buy this stock.



July 2nd, CEO Keith Berman releases an open letter:

"Public health experts seem to agree on two things, the need for a vaccine and the importance of increased, immediate, and affordable testing to determine exactly who is ill and contagious. As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, "The more testing, the more open the economy." The President's Advisory Task Force agrees that the economy won't open completely and remain such without wide-scale testing."

"But, testing is only valuable when it is accurate. In the case of a pandemic, it must also be affordable and produce reliable results in minutes, even seconds. On that front, there has to date been a failure to deliver. "

"Companies large and small have jumped in headfirst to the testing race under the FDA's guidance and with big dollars on the line. Unsurprisingly, that favors the large players to the detriment of smaller, often more nimble and innovative players. In the end, it's the public health, really all of us, who suffer. Another article points out the FDA's oversight has been inconsistent at best, stating, "The FDA must stick to its normal process for review but expedite it by giving it top priority with its clinical reviewers and bring in more reviewers if necessary."

"More so, our public health administrators favor familiar technologies whose applications often don't respond to the exact urgent needs of the moment. Worse yet, they seek familiar faces, often the big pharma-med-tech players, who like an oil tanker in the open ocean, take forever to change course in the direction required. Unfortunately for us all, this frequently unfolds at the immediate expense of creative, alternative thinking, new, unknown, smaller players who may actually have the answers, but rarely get the chance and support to appropriately test their solutions."

There are a ton of quotes from this letter, but I wanted to point out a few.


July 8th, DECN announces distribution:

"The company plans to manufacture two GenViro! International Covid-19 Swift Kit packages for sale in Central and Southern Asia and reports that its new distributor will be opening hubs in Singapore, India, and Australia... The company still estimates that sales for its International GenViro! Swift Kits will commence in late Summer 2020."


July 10th, DECN announces a saliva COVID-19 test-kit for professional and home use, as well as re-iterating their blood-prick test-kit is showing results within 11 seconds:

"Test reporting for the GenViro! finger stick kits are currently producing results at :10.5 seconds, and initial testing completed on the saliva version of the kit should yield even faster results since the saliva testing will not require any sample correction."

"Preliminary testing... was run using saliva from human donors and indicated that the saliva exhibits a comparable, and in fact favorable, impedance curve profile when compared to whole blood."


What does this all mean?
DECN says they have a product that will literally have an impact on the world; we need to test everyone and we need to do it in a way that is easy, yet effective. The fact they claim they can make upwards of 500 million test kits within a year of production shows the scale that they are able to bring their product.

The risk:
- This is an OTC, so it is inherently more risky than other stocks
- This stock will not go up any more than it is currently at now without the EUA from the FDA
- It is still on the Grey Market(normal stocks are on pinks) and you may not even be able to buy it currently, DECN has to submit form 211 in order to get themselves off the grey market; to my knowledge, they have not done this yet
- On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a low risk and 10 being high, I would have to give it a solid 7.5-8.5; again, this stock will not move without the FDA approving their device

The reward:
- You get in on the low of a stock that has the potential to raise upwards over 1-5$; my PT has been laughed at many times, but think about it... 500 million test kits, $6.95 wholesale price per test kit... stocks with this much in earnings are not penny stocks

Why I believe in this company:
If you double, triple, and quadruple down, saying that you have a product that can produce the results you promise, and then you continue to put out PR that you have come to agreements for distribution, preparing for the moment you get the approval, you would need to actually have that product. The US is seeing the 2nd wave, and this virus is not going to leave our lives for the foreseeable future.

My predictions for the stock:
- If FDA approval comes before it moves off the grey market: $0.70-$0.95
- If it moves off the grey before FDA approval: $0.40-$0.55
- Once it has both FDA approval and is moved off the grey market: $1.00-$1.25

TLDR: DECN claimed to have a quick testing process for COVID-19, SEC halted them due to the belief of misinformation. DECN denounces the halt, still pushes forward with trying to get the EUA from the FDA. DECN has since released multiple statements that they have a product and it does produce the results they previously stated. No EUA has been given to DECN yet, no movement off of the grey market yet, VERY RISKY STOCK TO BUY, but also could be more rewarding than others once they get all of the previously stated items.
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2020.07.09 16:18 JimHeaney RIT Housing Announced Move-In Policies

Thank you for your patience as we develop a safer and healthy process for our returning students to move in for the 2020-2021 fall semester. For the safety of all our students and staff, all students must select a move-in appointment time. Important information regarding move-in:
• Appointment times will be available on August 16, 17, and 18 from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
• For the safety of all our students and staff, move-in appointment times have been limited per location in order to maintain proper physical distancing.
• It is essential that you arrive on your selected day and time.
• If you arrive early or late, you may be asked to wait until the building has capacity to allow you to move-in.
• All students will be checked in and given keys in parking lot G
• Students will be allowed one (1) guest to assist them with moving into the building
• Guest will have one (1) hour to assist with the move-in process
• Early arrival requests cannot be accommodated
• All RIT mandated social distancing protocols must be followed
Move-in appointment times will be structured in order to create physical distancing within apartments, suites, and residence halls during move-in.
• Please log into the MyLife portal
• Return to the Housing and Dining application
• Go to Confirmation under Next Step
• Review Move-in Information
• Select an appointment time for move-in
The proposed schedule is contingent on approvals that we are awaiting from New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo relative to the reopening of college campuses in the fall, as well as the direction of local and state health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please continue to stay up-to-date with important announcements on the RIT Coronavirus website. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.
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