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Blurred Lines & Grey Matters (Part 3)

2019.07.30 02:00 anti-ZOG-sci-fry Blurred Lines & Grey Matters (Part 3)

Blurred Lines & Grey Matters (Part 3)
edgy sci-fi novella by Anonymous Jr.
Learsi already had American blood on its hands from the vicious assault on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, killing 34 crewmen and wounding 171. It's absolutely not the peace-loving American-style democracy surrounded by unprovoked hostile neighbors that it pretends to be. Tsinoiz Irgun terrorists bombed British administrative HQ in the King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 and wounding 46. Today, the hotel's website simply says, "Built in 1929, King David has played an important role in the history of Learsi and Melaseruj". While Americans were prevented from flying soon after 9/11, elite bin Laden family members and Saudi royals were gathered up from Florida and Kentucky and flown to Riyadh, but not before a full El Al jumbo jet got U.S. military authorization to depart New York's JFK Airport for Viva Let on the very afternoon of 9/11 at 4:11pm, a full 90 minutes before WTC 7 imploded. Justin could just imagine how important those Choos must have been!
Most people seemed to know that The Project For A New American Century, a neocon group, published Rebuilding America's Defenses in September 2000 calling for a "new Pearl Harbor" to expedite their goals. The actions of the Shrub administration glaringly demonstrated foreknowledge and cover up of the true perpetrators of the 9/11 crimes. Shrub's father "Magog" was meeting with bin Laden's brother Salem and the military insider Carlyle Group during the attacks. Pakistan's ISI chief General Mahmoud Ahmed, who authorized sending "hijacker" Mohammed Atta $100,000, was in Washington that day meeting with House and Senate Intelligence Chairmen Porter Goss and Bob Graham. During his DC visit, he also met with Condoleeza Rice, Marc Grossman, and Joseph Biden, then "resigned" under U.S. pressure soon afterward. His was one of the few intelligence agencies that did not issue a warning of the impending attacks. On September 14th, the EPA fraudulently proclaimed the WTC vicinity safe to return to work and live in order to reopen Wall Street trading the following Monday. As a result, thousands of area workers and residents, especially those who helped in the removal and cleanup effort, were stricken with debilitating illnesses.
From The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, he learned how Choos J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Edward House and their cronies secretly crafted a private central bank and duped most Americans for over a century with their intentionally misnamed Federal Reserve System. Conspirators' Heirarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 by John Coleman taught him about the self-proclaimed "Olympians", based on the British East India Company's Council of 300, with their immense wealth from opium trade with China, a recreated Round Table consisting of the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Club of Rome, interlocking "alphabet agencies" in the U.S., and the social engineering of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. David Icke's epic tome The Perception Deception could almost be a college doctoral program in itself, echoing many of the same themes in much greater detail. Antony Sutton's published works, including America's Secret Establishment : an Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones and Fleshing Out Skull & Bones : Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society, decloaked the super-secretive world of the Order of Skull & Bones, the elite seniors-only Yale University fraternity that ushers its members onto the world stage. Zander C. Fuerza's Masters of Deception revealed to him Learsi's sinister involvement in the plot and execution of their September 11th attacks. Christopher Bollyn's investigative work in 2 volumes, Solving 9-11 : The Deception that Changed the World and Solving 9-11 : The Original Articles also opened his eyes to much of the available evidence ignored by government and mainstream media pundits since that day. Lastly, world citizen Kenneth O'Keefe in his interviews and YouTube videos provides powerful arguments for refusing to accept the status quo any longer.
Who knew that on June 10, 1932, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency for 12 years) gave this testimony on the House floor?: "Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government Board, has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States; has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the misadministration of that law by which the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it."
He found several shocking quotations from the website "By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Do War"—alleged former motto of Dassom..."We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."—William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)..."The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."—CIA Director William Colby..."An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy."—CIA Director Allen Dulles..."It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms."—John Stockwell, CIA official..."Huey Long once said, 'Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.' I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security."—Jim Garrison..."Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Dassom, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. 'All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Dassom, with the aid of the Tsinoiz world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.'”
Next there was this, "Americans know that something fundamental is amiss. They sense—rightly—that they are being misled no matter which political party does the leading. A long misinformed public lacks the tools to grasp how they are being deceived. Without those tools, Americans will continue to be frustrated at being played for the fool. When the “con” is clearly seen, “the mark” (that’s us) will see that all roads lead to the same duplicitous source: Learsi and its operatives. The secret to Learsi’s force-multiplier in the U.S. is its use of agents, assets and sayanim (Werbeh for volunteers). When Ilearsi-American Jonathan Pollard was arrested for spying in 1986, Viva Let assured us that he was not an Ilearsi agent but part of a “rogue” operation. That was a lie. Only 12 years later did Viva Let concede that he was an Ilearsi spy the entire time he was stealing U.S. military secrets. That espionage—by a purported ally—damaged our national security more than any operation in U.S. history." Military traitor Pollard was recently released after 30 years in prison and wants to go to Learsi now, against the terms of his parole. "Care to bet against Learsi helping Pollard skip the country?" he mused.
Choos in the news again: Gery Shalon, Ziv Orenstein, Joshua Samuel Aaron and an unnamed co-conspirator were indicted 11/9/2015 for hacking into New York Stock Exchange company data, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. security breach, and selling millions of unique customer records. "Prosecutors said Shalon, Orenstein and others made hundreds of millions of dollars from 'unlawful internet casinos' they operated in the US and elsewhere through hundreds of employees in multiple countries." Had it been Muslims that did it, there would have been all hell to pay, but Silearsi will likely just get a pat on the wrist and admonished, if not offered employment by their victims to use against competitors.
Justin asked himself, "Who was really responsible for the havoc in Paris Nov. 13 2015?" The Islamic State, like al Qaeda, is a creation and under the control of military intelligence officials in the U.S., U.K. and Learsi, who delight in recruiting desperate Muslims to wear their scapegoat suicide vests. All the while the U.S. claimed to be attacking ISIS with little impact, it was supplying them with armaments and Texas-made Toyota trucks, modified for U.S. Special Forces, and bombing Syrian infrastructure instead. Only when the Russians were invited by Syria to lend assistance, was any progress made against these proxy forces. The combined efforts of administration pronouncements and the mass media's power of persuasion perpetuate the misperception of a wily Muslim enemy. Most world leaders know this, but uninformed American people are dupes again.
Granted it will take awhile to assimilate this latest information and ferret out facts from false leads. Once all other available impressions and substance were distilled, compared and analyzed, what he discovered was that the stubby little tail wagging the big dogs of the U.S. and U.K. is none other than Learsi and this is just the metaphorical tip of the iceberg. Online, he found this wry, if not quite astute, observation, "If, 'the love of money is the root of all evil' and they love money more than anyone else and have more money than anyone else, it stands to reason that they are either directly or tangentially connected to a very large percentage of the evil in the world. Since they own or control most of the world media and entertainment industries as well as most of the publishing houses and over ninety percent of the art galleries, their influence on human perception of what is and what is not is very great. Given their predisposition toward the enslavement of the human race, it is to be expected that they spend less than none of their time on what is real and more than all of their time on what is not, in order to control the perceptions of humanity."
Allyson phoned Justin late one afternoon. It would prove to be their final contact. She said, "Maya and I have finished reading what you gave us and we're just astonished. We had no idea this issue was so complex and nuanced. Like Joe Pesci's character David Ferrie quoting Winston Churchill in the film JFK 'It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.' It seems like a whole other world all its own." Affirmatively grunting , Justin replied, "Yep, that's one way of putting it. So can you take care of it?" "Of course, of course," she assured him, "your instructions are crystal clear, but this is all hypothetical anyway. You'll be fine. If it makes you feel any better, let me do the worrying for you. I've got more experience," she said wryly. "Ok, you've got it," he concurred. A few moments of tender cooing to and fro followed before they hung up.
While Allyson was busy teaching the next day, Maya compiled lists of hundreds of email and snail mail contacts in the U.S. and around the world. In the event something happened to Justin, each would get a complete information packet. It was up to them whether or not they published or broadcast any or all of the contents. By ensuring oversaturation, it was pretty certain that enough would get publicly distributed to expose the so-called Olympians' whole Illuminati operation. She phoned Justin to ask if NGOs and think tanks were targets of his info blitz. "No," he said, "let's keep it at traditional and new media. Most NGOs and think tanks have bureaucracies that will likely nix a rouge news source or else lose it in committee, if not outright disavow it or even organize a smear campaign against it. Keep after the bloggers and conspiracy sites instead, 'cause they're our best shot at dissemination."
She then called Allyson at a break between classes to update her on what was what and to find out when she'd be home. "I'll be late because I've got to drop by the printer, pharmacy, post office and cleaners so would you be a good sport and pick up something healthy at the market for dinner?" "Chicken, fish, Chinese, Mexican, or vegan?" Maya queried in return. "Fish sounds pretty good for tonight," Allyson responded. "I'll leave the rest of the details in your capable hands, but no more soda pop! Let's all share a nice liter and a half of white wine instead." "Feeling amorous?" Maya teased. "Don't start with me, young lady," was Allyson's terse reply. Then they both laughed merrily and signed off.
Conspiracies may have existed for the trust busters of the late nineteenth century and during the lives of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, but everyone knows they no longer do, except for Justin. He knew that every day, Aussie Choo Blooper Morlock twists the truth anyway he wishes on his Newscorp's Fox News, where his sycophant Pawn Vanity (aptly dubbed so by Ralph Nader in the consumer advocate's 2009 long 736 page "practical utopia" novel Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!) and bloviator-in-chief Barnacle Bill (What did you kill?) O'Really laugh at liberals and anyone who challenges their fascist worldview, because of course it's just absurd that anyone in their right mind would entertain the notion that super-wealthy people would collude with one another to set the rules in their favor, right? Sure, they might meet yearly in secret at Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove functions, but these, as they repeatedly assure us, are simply social events, nothing more. Certainly, no hidden agendas here for world domination! In the free market, free world of today, there's just no sense in wrangling unfair advantage. The supremely wealthy remain so through their inevitably acute business superiority. Right! :-J (tongue-in-cheek emoticon)
Justin's Russian Choo hit man, after monitoring him through his contacts at the NSA, made good on his threat late one evening. Spotted outside his brownstone, Justin was followed in. Brandishing a handgun got the assassin access to the apartment, where he forced Justin to hand over all his Laersi materials and write a suicide note to mask his murder in the underhanded fashion of the Dassom. He then shoved him from the 11th story window, picked up his laptop, and left before the police arrived. That probably would have been the end of the matter, had Justin not made contingency plans with Allyson and Maya. After learning of his "suicide," they immediately released copies of his materials to a plethora of media outlets, domestic, overseas and on the Internet as requested. Within days, Justin was more famous than he ever would have been alive, as his story echoed from bloggers, conspiracy websites, even some print journalists, radio and TV.
A gala awards ceremony like no other was arranged as a coming out party for Viva Let in appreciation for all the wonders wealthy philanthopists had worked worldwide over the centuries. Rampant speculation abounded over who would merit top honors, the coveted platinum Notammargartet Prize. The red carpet shimmered with glitterati from every corner of the world, all the ladies draped in gemstones and haute couture. The paparazzi had a field day over the turnout of hundreds who usually shun such soirées , but for its sheer uniqueness made extraordinarily rare appearances. The moment of maximal expectation arrived and was met with the delivery of all of 911 megatons, which lengthened the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba, ending forever any dispute over that supposedly sacred real estate made worthless by Learsi's apartheid wall. All of Learsi's hundreds of secret nuclear weapons were vaporized in the massive blast, precluding any Samson Option retaliation. The last generation of Rothschild parasites was finally exterminated. Well over 6 million Choos were obliterated instantly, finally fulfilling their forecasted nightmare number that Nazi camps never quite lived up to. No Messiah whatsoever appeared to rescue any faith's faithful.
Once the truth about 9/11 began to flow from lower echelon whistleblowers, involved in the operation but no longer afraid of recrimination, it soon became a torrent. Independent websites replaced newspapers and TV as major sources of information. Despite his distracting predilection with shape-shifting interdimensional reptilian pedophiles, David Icke was lauded as a hero for fearlessly confronting Rothschild Tsinoiz criminals. Les Visible too was credited with exposing the "Tribe." Having declared his support for Learsi on air, George Noory had to disavow it to redeem himself. Linda Moulton Howe, Jeff Rense, John B. Wells, Alex Jones, Clyde Lewis, Jordan Maxwell (Russell Pine), Jesse Ventura, Nick Begich, Jim Marrs, Texe Marrs, Mike Rivero, Webster Tarpley, "Dave" of the X22Report and many others all jumped on the bandwagon.
The secretly Chooish British monarch, titular head of the Anglican Church, and all of her descendants perished when the royal yacht was set ablaze and sank in the Thames. Other royals abroad met similar fates in Spain, Cambodia, Netherlands, Denmark, Thailand, Norway, Sweden, and Japan along with hundreds of Saudi princes and African sovereigns too. Lynch mobs loosely associated with the Anonymous network rounded up many elite suspects, as well as bankers, politicians, doctors, entertainers, writers and producers, who were all slung from trees. Justin's brother Tad and his family were kidnapped and held for ransom by a local warlord. When that failed, they were all hacked to death with machetes. Most tsuacoloh shrines and museums around the world were vandalized or destroyed, having a marked purgative effect on the populace. An unidentified spokesman for Anonymous released a statement that read in part, "...Humankind inevitably is at long last rid of a monstrous evil. Together now we can hope to find lasting peace." He then quoted Czech Choo and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's televised claim of the half million Iraqi children killed by U.S. sanctions, "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it."
Dozens of dogs were unleashed at the Crawford ranch so the Secret Service had to relinquish the former neo-Nazi-con triumvirate hiding out there: ringleader Ronald Dumsfeld (former CEO & Chairman of G.D. Searle, makers of Aspartame, until acquired by Monsanto), his protégé ace face-shooter Darth Chewey (former CEO of Halliburton, no-bid Iraq contractors) along with his hideous wife Lon, and Shrubya (former coke fiend and drunk, Temporary son of Magog.) The latter was found closet fagging with his favorite stud muffin Jeff Gannon, aka James Guckert, pricey gay escort, gay porn website owner, convicted tax cheat and Shrub White House reporter for two years. A big turkey fryer was found and one by one all four men's lower three appendages were submerged in boiling oil, causing sudden loss of consciousness, before they were hung naked on crosses to desiccate into merely Skull and Bones.
Several online sources cited this, "It was in 1968 that the 22-year-old was initiated into the cult--as his father and grandfather Prescott had been before him. As had been his uncles Jonathan Bush, John Walker and George Herbert Walker II, his great-uncle George Herbert Walker, Jr. and cousin Ray Walker and numerous friends. Young George was very much following in the footsteps of his kinsmen. Such a multi-generational experience, one imagines, inevitably intensifies the emotion and affects of the ritual and gives it more legitimacy and power." This organization is not focused on campus life like other fraternities, but on the postgraduate commingled world of statecraft and big business where they can penetrate every segment of American society, exert great power and influence to the benefit of their circle, and undermine our nation's core principles of fairness and equality. It consists almost exclusively of a select small group of East Coast WASP blueblood families. Established as a branch of a German Illuminati cult and known to its members as the Order, Yale's Skull and Bones initiates "lay naked in coffins and tell their deepest and darkest sexual secrets as part of their initiation." This forms firm fraternal bonding and ensures their vow of secrecy is kept lest they incur retribution.
Most Skull and Bones families' wealth came from the American elites' share of the narcotics empire built by the crowned heads of Europe and their East India companies, raising huge crops of opium poppies in the provinces of Bengal, Madras, Odisha and Bihar for sale in China, primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. CIA "black ops" are now largely funded through production and distribution of narcotics, principally opium (heroin) and coca (cocaine). U.S. wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan, as well as CIA mischief in Latin America, have been more about drugs than anything else. According to Wikipedia regarding opium, "Worldwide production in 2006 was 6,610 metric tons—about one-fifth the level of production in 1906." Wikipedia also reported, "World annual cocaine consumption, as of 2000, stood at around 600 tonnes, with the United States consuming around 300 t, 50% of the total, Europe about 150 t, 25% of the total, and the rest of the world the remaining 150 t or 25%."
Iouea and Grnsth, with exceptional powers of focus and meditation, began to concentrate their qi into enhanced essence jīng at the core of their framework. This jīng would be preserved for further conversion into shen, or spiritual energy. Consulting crystalized time-shrinking pointers of their DNA-linked quantum googol nano vectorizers, they correctly determined the rift's cause to be a vast Rahoz deception implemented over centuries, although a mere scintilla of universal time. The miscreants of these theurgies were Tsinoiz Learsi, its terror wings Tereyes Laktam and Dassom, all Choos, converts and usurpers of alleged demiurge El's nearly-extinct ancient choosen race. With sorcery and acumen they appropriated the monetary systems of all the major Western financial powers of tiny planet Earth and loaned each nation the specie capital it needed to function by extending their primary product—debt, which cost them next to nothing to produce, yet yielded scandalous fortunes. Progressively darker Kabbalic black art practice eventually ruptured normal space-time and chaotic anomalies ensued.
The raveling strands of distorted time were rewoven into a reasonable facsimile of the original with some remarkable differences in localized eddies. The patchwork overlapped a century and a half of what seemed to be the past for that region of the continuum, in essence rewriting history. In the reworked version, the American Civil War was averted by diplomacy, the Union remained whole and Abe Lincoln served 2 full terms. The robber baron era was abbreviated and Morgan, Warburg and House were unable to usher in another parasitic U.S. central banking system. Nor were the IRS or ADL simultaneously established. Austrian Archduke Ferdinand escaped his Black Hand assassin so there were no World Wars, Nazis, tsuacoloh or Nakba and peace reigned in Palestine. Adolf Hitler, whose father Alois was likely the bastard son of Baron Rothschild Salomon Mayer and Maria Anna Schicklgruber his housemaid, was merely an obscure painter who dabbled in toiletries. The United States remained a contiguous entity of 48 states and Hawai`i kept its beloved monarchy and sovereignty. Jack Kennedy also served 2 full terms under very different circumstances without a Cold War, Space Race or Dimona nuclear reactor to test his mettle or seal his fate. In this alternate timeline, Shrub family patriarch Samuel of Ohio didn't get any arms maker breaks that catapulted his son Prescott to fame, fortune and notoriety. The first baby boomer of the family and original Boy George favored bathtub artistry, but was such a sissy that his little brother JES had to protect him from other boys who often picked on him. Allyson Rosa de Lein, resplendent in a silk and satin gown, and Justin Timothy Case were married by Tad, assisted by his youngest two as ring bearer and flower girl, Maya Ann Adams as maid of honor and Chayyim Levy as best man.
During the ceremony, Chayyim read 3 passages from the Torah:
Genesis 1:26-28, 31a
Then God said, "Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth." So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth." God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.
Genesis 2:18-24
Then the LORD God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner." So out of the ground the LORD God formed every animal of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name. The man gave names to all cattle, and to the birds of the air, and to every animal of the field; but for the man there was not found a helper as his partner. So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said, "This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called Woman, for out of Man this one was taken." Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.
and Genesis 9:8-17
Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him, "As for me, I am establishing my covenant with you and your descendants after you, and with every living creature that is with you, the birds, the domestic animals, and every animal of the earth with you, as many as came out of the ark. I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth." God said, "This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth." God said to Noah, "This is the sign of the covenant that I have established between me and all flesh that is on the earth."
Allyson and Justin were eager to expand their family and soon thereafter began to multiply. Of course there were some problems and Maya, you won't be surprised to learn, led an amazing life, but those are tales for another time.
For all its pious pretension, religion has proven more a divider of humanity than a unifier, fomenting hatred for outsiders rather than instilling love, and negates spiritual nature instead of enhancing it. Extensive expert exegesis of most written scriptures revealed much of their arbitrary irrelevance. Various denominations most often fell into one of two categories: either their dogma was laudable but realistically unachievable or it was hopelessly archaic and manipulative. This resulted in the eventual abandonment of the three major Abrahamic faiths as well as Hinduism. Consequently, humanity and the rest of Earth's biological ecosphere of flora, fauna and a plethora of various microorganisms experienced a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. Needless to say, 9/11 simply never happened.
Thank you very much for reading our story!—Maya Adams, Justin Case and Allyson de Lein. ♥
Peace, Love & Aloha!
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2016.10.20 03:07 diabloknk Failure

Princess seemed a bit nervous. "Think you're ready for this?" she asked me. "My God reassures me, my Voice fills me with doubt." She took a breath. "A test of faith?"
"We have this handled. Don't leave formation, there are minefields," I replied as I leaned back, relaxing. There was nothing else I could do, this battle was in my officers' hands. I couldn’t really affect the outcome anymore, I’d made sure we were well supplied and that we had a few new weapons. Might as well relax.
"May I ask you something personal?"
"..." Silence. Whatever it was she initially wanted to ask, she was scrambling for a new question. " are you an atheist? Channelers shoot lightning from their hands. That's the first proof of miracles we've ever seen. A higher being may well exist. Even if not a supreme being- Kane has made no such claims of all creation, after all, are a man of science. What does occhams razor say?"
I took a moment before responding. "Channeling works by harnessing the electrostatic force in the air. It doesn't take much, just a small charge to start a reaction that ends rather spectacularly, although weather conditions can make it easier or harder. It is easier to Channel on a stormy day than a clear one, Channeler Qlin can confirm this. There is nothing supernatural about it.
The simple fact, Princess, is that the moment you are presented with something you don't understand is not the time to simply throw up your hands and call it 'magic' or 'divine favor.' Rather, it is time to study it, try to understand what is happening. So far, everything has had a natural explanation. So there is no need to resort to the supernatural."
"God of the Gaps. But the...the truth of it is, we see Kane, even while I held a massive grain of doubt. I've never seen god, and as a small child I believed in Santa. Never saw him or the Easter bunny. I know the voice can manipulate what it sees to its own end, but daveys and my accounts agree on details, and the effects- his body rejecting the infection, that's a miracle of Kane."
“It is no secret to us what you think of our ways sir. But we do what we do out of necessity, not mere superstition,” Qlin interjected.
"You saw Kane because you wanted to believe, and you have a Voice. Fundamentally, seeing Kane or any god is related to the Voice somehow. Give ambrosia to a Christian with the Voice, they see Jesus, not Kane. Give ambrosia to someone without a Voice, and the effect is similar to a bad acid trip,” I replied, referencing our early trials with the stuff.
" do you know of the Voice? You are aware that FCC smith is to be notified of their existence...right? Pearl went to war over that." "We used a captured Borson test to determine why only some people were getting visions of God. Every single person who was getting visions tested positive for Voice capability. FCC Smith has been notified of their existence, although by and large they did not express interest in joining the school." A shame, really. Voice capable people often end up doing poorly on the psych test for citizenship and end up getting exiled anyway.
Princess seemed shaken. "You're lying."
"When have I ever lied?"
"Dave's and I had never met. There was no mental link. Kane's will drove his voice from his mind, his infection as well."
"You don't know what's in the water in the ruins of Old Golgotha, do you? The Kanites of old conducted multiple experiments with ambrosia, including mass production. That effectively a giant stream of modified ambrosia. We know depending on treatment ambrosia can be used for multiple things, including the possibility of driving the infection from your body.
And you should is possible to 'kill' your Voice. It will always be replaced by a new one, however, just as Davey's was."
"Stop this senseless bleating.” Princess wasn’t liking what she was hearing, likely because it brought the legitimacy of her newfound authority to question. After all, if she wasn’t chosen by Kane, why would anyone ever follow her?
I shrugged. "It's only senseless bleating to you because you don't like what you hear. I suggest you do your research before trying to proselytize next time."
“How could you possibly know that? Such knowledge is only available to channelers and the Shrouded could never have infiltrated us no matter who he is. And I have been to Old Golgotha. The catacombs underneath are labyrinthian, how could have possible taken samples of the water there? How do we know any of what you’re saying is true?” Qlin accused, seething.
I stared at her. "Kane scriptor Irae est amor in oculus meis," I said carefully, struggling slightly with the pronunciation. Latin was never easy for me. Still, it had an effect - the Kanites continually underestimated just how much I knew - likely because they don’t like the idea of someone knowing their scripture and holy secrets as well as any of them and still not believing. No religious group does, they view the rightness of their beliefs as self-evident, and that any who do not believe are simply ignorant.
Qlin shook her head “How you say, ‘the devil can quote scripture to serve his own ends’.” "You seem to continuously underestimate the Shrouded. I know your beliefs as well as any priest. Better than most, in fact." I turned back to the unfolding battle, watching the airships duke it out above us as our ground forces engaged Loyalist forces. I didn’t really know if we were winning or losing, it was all a confused jumble to me. "I do not know why you are trying to convert me, but you do not have anywhere near a convincing argument."
“I was not trying to convert you sir. You know of our ways yet you do not understand them. You would not fit well amongst us.”
"Your prophetess was. You made your arguments, I countered them." I looked at Princess. "By the way, Miranda told me you tried to convert her as well. I recommend you stop trying, you're not very good at it." Princess ignored that comment, she doesn’t like the idea that she could ever be bad at something, even though she is absolutely terrible at so many things.
Qlin looked out over the battle. “Perhaps if we were to move out now we could flank around the loyalists and reach the camps while they’re distracted."
"Talk to the command staff about that. Logistics and morale are my specialties, not combat."
Qlin hopped off the vehicle and trundled off, looking far older than she is with her staff. I assume she just didn’t want to continue a losing debate about theology. The battle around us raged as she did. Up above, the airship battle seemed to have finished with a nominal rebel victory, but the fighting left them unable to provide air support to ground units.
On the ground, I was notified that we were slowly being pushed back. Loyalist reinforcements had arrived faster than our most pessimistic estimates. Even though the Rebels had more Erinyes, they were outnumbered two to one, with reinforcements tied up by a harassing action by the Loyalists.
The whistle sounded once more, and now the hissing of the engine could be heard. "Hey!" Someone shouted over the din of the steam engine. "Trockle!" Bill Jameson jumped from the rolling locomotive and ran up to where Princess was seated next to me. "Well, now, this is a surprise!"
I stood to shake my friend's hand. "Bill. What brings you out to these parts?" Seriously - he has a full blown insurrection in AMR. I thought he’d be taking care of that.
"Heard you were having a war without me! And from the look of things, we got here just in time. Tell me where the trouble is, and I'll gladly plow a path for your forces. Can't have my drinking buddy getting himself in trouble, can I?"
I vaguely gestured off to the front. "My command staff should be happy to coordinate with your men."
Almost as an afterthought, I gestured to the Kanite leader. "Bill, you've met Princess before, have you not?"
"Many a time, though you were laid up in bedrest back then. Thanks for letting us use you in our advertising campaigns- not everyone who gets a whack from a big boss and then gets flushed downriver in an explosion survives. You were wearing what became our prototype textile armor, and let me tell you, it has been a big, big seller." He paused. "Channeler Qlin, you're looking beautiful as always," he smiled winningly. "And may I just say, our robes came out looking beautiful on your channelers. I had a good feeling about the red dye we infused them with. Your troops truly look a cut above!"
I stifled a snicker at Jameson talking about the beauty of a woman whose face was hidden behind a mask made from a human skull. It was amusing to see that despite all that had happened, Jameson was still willing to sleep with practically anybody.
“I do not wish to end up like the Night Sisters that visited you Jameson. But greetings.”
I was surprised. "Wait, the Night Sisters don't use contraceptives? Seems awfully risky."
“They have their methods. I was not referring to pregnancy."
I paused. "Ah. I see." I shrugged. "Some people have that effect on women." Jameson is one of them.
“Loyalist forces are concentrated to the southeast, with more attempting to move up along our left flank. I suggest you focus your bombardment efforts there,” Qlin continued.
"Well, you know how it is," he said, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. Never seen that before, he’d always taken pride in his prowess, and was happy to remind people frequently. "And of course, I'd be happy to. Besides, I found out in that leak that they're funneling the 'pass-the-basket' funds to the rebel groups within AMR. I've been busy for a few weeks with that."
“Wait…. so church donations…. aren’t supposed to go towards funding armed forces?" Qlin asked, confused.
"Not if they're funding your allies' enemies," he was quick to cover his faux pas, still pushing for a trade deal I guess.
I nodded. "Alright. Well, you didn't arrive a moment too soon. The support should help a bunch."
Jameson smirked. "I know where to aim it. Or, at least, I will." There was a gigantic circus cannon behind him. "All set, Neko?" He raised the walkie talkie to his mouth.
"Uh...all set mister Jameson! I think...God I hope I have nine lives..." Neko replied, followed by a BOOM and a certain cat-boy arcing through the air. Oh goddammit Jameson. Don’t shoot my cat-man out of a cannon.
"Smith Scout Rapid Deployment!" Jameson boasted. "Neko will call down the artillery where it's needed."
Princess frowned. "It's hardly dignified."
"No, but I expected you to not care. You're the one who always advocates doing whatever it takes to survive, provided it's effective."
Princess put her hands up. "You've got me there."
Almost a minute later, the cannons began to orient. "Plug your ears and open your mouths," Jameson advised. I followed his lead.
Princess did as well without argument for once. It was strange to see her accept direction without complaint. Perhaps I’ll have to ask Jameson about it at some point. Probably not, I don’t intend to be working with her again.
Seconds later enormous pressure waves felt almost like an invisible force slapped us in the face several times as the cannons fired in succession, then fired again, and again...each time they fired the train seemed to leap backwards a tiny bit. Jameson's radio flashed red and he waved. The artillery ceased firing, still loading fresh shells just in case.
Our ears still ringing, Jameson pointed forward, insinuating "if you want to." I shook my head, we didn’t seem to need a second barrage. Our Erinyes had managed to take advantage of the gap and were breaking the Loyalist lines even as we spoke. I took a moment to appreciate the sheer oddness of it. Here we were, observing an active battle, and we were standing around talking like we were at a picnic.
Shortly the guns stopped firing, there was a second rumbling. The ground shook a little. Then another tremor, this one slightly larger than the last. And my cell phone rang. Probably Davey, he likes to call me for some reason.
I picked it up without checking the caller ID. "Yes, Davey?"
“I’m afraid you have me mistaken for someone else old boy." Ah, Noah. And then the rumbling clicked in place.
"I see you got those worms you were after you decrepit old shit."
“And just like that the fun is dead… You have killed the fun. Are you pleased with yourself?” Yes, actually.
"Ruining your fun is always worthwhile." I sent out a general alarm - contacts under the ground, heavily armored. Soldiers set up seismic sensors to pinpoint the worms. I’d been preparing for this day.
“But to answer your question, yes. They are mine. And you can forget about daddy’s little tart stealing them out from under me. I have ensured as much.”
One of Jameson’s trains…. exploded. Several guns and a train car were sent flying like toys into the nearby woods.
"Oh, how you underestimate me Noah. Did you think I didn't have a plan for your fuckery?"
Erinyes hopped up as the worms burst out of the ground, firing small electronic devices that pinned to the worms and burrowed through the tough chitin - a little invention of mine. The devices took control of what passed for their nervous systems, and the worms suddenly burrowed back down, no longer under Noah's control, heading in a direction that would eventually take them to Greenland. "Have fun with those."
“Oh my. How did you manage to develop those without test subjects?” He sounded more curious than angry.
"Now, now, a man has to have his secrets." Troops began clearing from the impact zones as the seismic sensors detected the still burrowed worms.
“Oh well. I have others. Originally I only planned to destroy your country and make you watch but now you force me to resort to more personal methods. I’m terribly sorry it had to come to this. I’ll send flowers to Miranda’s funeral."
"Says the man that she turned into her puppet. I have to talk to her about creativity, though. She only melted you, instead of doing more fun things like making you castrate yourself." I paused for a moment, thinking. "Tell me, how much do you care about the half-infected? Truly care."
“How much do you care about humanity? Speaking of which, would you mind putting ‘the Prophetess’ on the phone for a minute? I don’t have her number and I’m in the mood to test her faith for a bit."
"Not quite yet. I just wanted you to know, we're about 10 kilometers from the half-infected corridor. You know, all the ones we escorted out of Harvest?" I started.
“Oh I know. Stand by please.”
More rumbling, louder and more intense than before. Off in the distance, we saw two enormous shapes come up out of the half-infected camps and plunge back down to earth. The whole area was a crater almost in an instant as the heath gave way. Bombs went off in the half-infected camps a second later, before any could evacuate. The earth shook with the force. Damn.
"I was about to mention that Bradford absolutely hates half-infected, much more than I do. And he set up bombs in the area in case of an escape attempt. I had the deactivation codes, but I never was able to get close enough to transmit. Well, this mission's a failure, I guess, thanks to you. Princess wanted to free them and all that."
“Free them and and use them as weapons against their own kind. Yes. And why should I worry about Bradford when you and your merry men are handling him so swimmingly?”
"No, see, I mentioned it because you just triggered the bombs he planted. So...good going, I guess. You just ensured the deaths of over a thousand of your kind."
“Yes I have. I don’t want you thinking I did so willfully. They are my children. But I will not allow them to be degraded like this. What you’ve born witness to is an act of mercy."
I shrugged. I felt sorry for the half-infected in the camps, but most of them had been taken from Chosen of Gaia. "Oh, my man left you a parting gift on the Gjallarhorn fjord. Have fun with it!" I hung up without handing the phone over to Princess, and waited for the microwave device to melt the glacier and flood his base - including his cloning lab. I’d know soon enough if it had worked.
A few minutes later, I got a text. “Dearest Micheal,
Just received your present. The bitch will scream and I will send you recordings.
All the best, Noah."
I fired off a quick reply, "Hope you can swim!"
Princess was at a loss for words.She clenched a fist. Jameson, too, looked pissed off beyond words. We had failed - those we were here to save were now dead. We’d pick through and see if we could find any survivors, but there weren’t likely to be many.
I turned. "Well, that could have gone better. Noah has a way of screwing things up. Good news is he's paying for it now." I felt warm thinking about just how angry he must be now that his lair is officially underwater.
We didn’t talk for the rest of the battle, watching the sunset with conflicted emotions as the last of the Loyalist resistance was snuffed out, their army broken. The mission was a failure...but the Loyalists have just had their back broken. This war may very well be over soon.
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2014.07.31 22:10 Jasminamaarie Passion on Your Doorstep (Final Update)

First Post
Second Post
Third Post
Where I left off Vale and I were preparing to head towards Pier 39 to confront Courtney who apparently had a demonic sidekick and they were keeping Dean hostage. Well, in all honesty, I was hoping that Dean was being held against his will and that this wasn’t some sort of trap in which I have already lost Dean forever. (morbid I know..) As we prepared for what we were about to face, I grabbed my tac-force knife, rosary, holy water, holy oil, salt, a crucifix, and Vale brought about the same minus the tac-force knife but rather brought a silver blade.
So, Vale and I hopped on the 101 freeway and headed towards the Embarcadero taking that long road to the piers. Usually the Embarcadero and the piers are filled with people, natives of the Bay area and Tourists alike however, it was oddly empty. There were some people around the area and few cars in the streets but they were just standing and staring. The whole area looked as if it was frozen in time but they all looked as though their eyes were following our car and nothing else.
I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as we approached Pier 39. With so few cars around we found parking with ease and slowly made our way towards the area with the seals. With every step we took I was getting more and more freaked out. The few people that were around the warf were expressionless and yet they followed each step we took and whenever we would turn a corner their bodies would, in robot-like motion, shift towards our direction. We walked around the pier until we were about 200 feet from where the seals were. With that distance I could see a couple standing there. The man had his arms wrapped around the waist of a brunette and they were smiling together and looking at the Bay.
A blind man would have been able to see that it was Dean and Courtney together standing there. It pierced my heart to see them turn to face each other and he kissed her with such passion. I felt empty. But I needed to know was that Dean or a demon taking control of his body. Courtney wasn’t very smart in her whole demonic summoning adventure because she should have realized that the demon could have just taken control over Dean and she wouldn’t have the man she had before she would have an evil monster living inside him. Sallos is a demon and he doesn’t go about the most angelic ways to bring people together.
As Vale and I approached, I saw Courtney glance towards us through the corner of her eyes and whisper something into Dean’s ears, “She’s come to take you away from me.” The moment that was whispered into Dean’s ears I could see his demeanor change. I saw his shoulders stiffen as he stood with the posture of a soldier. He turned to face me and Vale and said, “Ne mors quidem nos separabit.” My first thought was, “Shit, not this crap again.” As he faced us I noticed how pale and sickly he looked. He was definitely not Dean at the moment. However, my brief thoughts were interrupted with Courtney’s laughter.
“Don’t you see, you dumb bitch? You’ve lost. He was never yours. He is eternally mine! He never left me and your little spell on him is gone. Now, we can finally be together,” she said as she clutched Dean’s arm.
“You fucking idiot”, said Vale. All she got in return was a glare from Courtney.
I said, “Dean will never love you in return. Do you even know what you’re standing next to? That thing is a demon. You’re stupidity summoned it here and it possessed Dean. Dean will never REALLY love you. I never put a spell on him and our connection was real and genuine unlike your little freak-fest.”
After I said that I noticed Courtney start to tremble. She was shaking so hard and I could see her turning red.
“Our…love…is…real…amor… meus… aeternus…,” she stood in place and continued to mumble to herself.
I shook my head in disbelief. She was truly insane and this was getting nowhere. I approached Dean and looked him in the eye.
“Listen here you evil son of a bitch, you do not belong in Dean’s body. You have 10 seconds to get out of there and go back to that pit of hell you call home. 10…”, as I started counting, “Dean” tried to turn around and walk away and as he did so I threw holy water onto him. He screamed and fell to his knees.
“Dean” just said, “Fuck you, bitch.”
I sprinkled a salt circle around him.
He looked about him and I could see a slight rush of panic rise in his eyes.
I took my rosary from my pocket and slid it around “Dean’s” neck and he screamed in agony as it touched his neck.
Vale began prayers in latin and I placed the sign of the cross in Holy Oil upon his forehead. He continued to grunt and breath rapidly because of the pain.
I continued to splash some holy water onto him and he growled at me.
I was about to say three but “Dean” started groaning and quickly said, “I give up.” Vale continued praying a couple feet behind me. Courtney was standing with a look of complete shock upon her face. “Get. Out. Of. Him.”
“It’s not over, honey. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I’ll be back.”
As soon as he said that Dean’s body slouched. I saw the color return to his skin and he looked at me and sighed with a small smile on his face.
“YOU FUCKING WHORE,” I heard being screamed to my right.
The next thing I knew I saw Courtney rushing towards me with a piece of wood from the pier. (wtf right?)
She almost got to me when Dean stepped in front of me and got hit upside the head with the piece of wood and collapsed. He was out cold. Courtney and I both screamed, “Dean!”, and I knelt down and tried to check to see if he was still breathing, which he was, Thank God.
I looked up at Courtney with a disgusted face but she had the nerve to scream at me, “Look what you made me do!” She then jumped towards me and tackled me into the wooden floor. I struggled to keep her from clawing my eyes out. I was able to tuck my legs and flip her over to where I was straddling her, hands pinned under my knees, and I started punching her in the face. Through the corner of my eye I saw Vale rush over to Dean and she began to dial 911. But dammit looking over slightly caused me to shift my weight and I missed her swing her arm and hit me in the head. I fell to the left and she got up and started to kick at me. I tucked and covered my face with my arms. I then remembered that I had my tac-force knife with me and that it was inside my boot. I rolled away from her and reached into my boot and grabbed the knife.
I then yelled to Courtney, “We need to stop this! I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to.”
She just screamed and charged at me. I just moved to the side as she ran past me like a bull. I was so tired. I just looked at her and said, “Enough. This is over. It is all over.” I dropped my guard and turned to walk towards Dean and Vale.
“Jas!”, I heard Vale say. I turned my head to the side, raised my arms with the knife in hand, and BAM! I got tackled to the ground again. But this time, Courtney stopped moving instantly. I pushed her off of me and saw that due to me raising my arms to her tackling me, the knife punctured her neck deeply and she began to bleed out. I took off the jacket I was wearing and applied pressure to her neck to try and stop the bleeding but it didn’t help all that much. She was bleeding too much.
The police and an ambulance arrived maybe 15 minutes after she tackled me and I helped them get Courtney and Dean into gurneys. They took mine and Vale’s statements. I looked around me and only just noticed that the people around us were acting normal once again, rather than staring at us approach Dean and Courtney. I figured Sallos tapped into the minds of the few people around us and decided to keep an eye out for when we would be coming. But for now he was gone and things seemed to be back to the way it should be. I basked in it for a moment. I felt so relieved that it was finally over. I took a breath and looked to the EMT and asked if I could ride in the ambulance with Dean, he agreed. Before getting into the ambulance I looked to Vale and gave her a tight hug and thanked her for her help. I told her I would call her as soon as I got an update on the two of them. And I hopped into the ambulance and we were on our way to St. Mary’s.
After sitting in the Hospital for a couple hours, the doctor informed me that Courtney died due to the blood loss. I looked at my hands and started crying. Never in my life would I have been able to think that I could take someone's life. I'm so sorry Courtney.. The doctor told me that I would not be charged for her death because I was defending myself, which was true, but I was devastated. I took someone's life. I looked at the doctor and asked about Dean and he sighed. He told me that Dean was in a coma, the impact of the blow caused some swelling of the brain. They were able to contain the swelling but Dean waking up was on his time. I could only shed more tears as the doctor told me that his recovery rate was now left up to him. I asked if I could see him, the doctor then escorted me to Dean's room.
He left me alone with Dean and I broke down crying. I started saying, "Baby, please wake up. After everything we've been through I need you to fight a little more. I can't lose you. I'd do anything for you. I need you in my life. I love you! I'd do anything!”
There was an eery silence after that.
But then I felt as though someone or something was standing behind me and a deep distorted voice said out of nowhere, "Anything?""
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Las mejores películas eróticas CON SEXO REAL - YouTube PROSTYTUTKI  cały film  Eugeniusz Priwieziencew  Dramat ... The Life Of an American Escort Documentary - The Best ... Una notte in strada con le prostitute trans: ecco com'è ... Bruno Ferrara. Amore mio... - YouTube Emily B and Cookie Jane  High Class Call Girls - YouTube mature sexy women - YouTube Dean Martin - That's Amore - YouTube Ursula TV - YouTube

The Wedding Scoop

  1. Las mejores películas eróticas CON SEXO REAL - YouTube
  2. PROSTYTUTKI cały film Eugeniusz Priwieziencew Dramat ...
  3. The Life Of an American Escort Documentary - The Best ...
  4. Una notte in strada con le prostitute trans: ecco com'è ...
  5. Bruno Ferrara. Amore mio... - YouTube
  6. Emily B and Cookie Jane High Class Call Girls - YouTube
  7. mature sexy women - YouTube
  8. Dean Martin - That's Amore - YouTube
  9. Ursula TV - YouTube

Dean Martin on Google Play: Facebook: Cały film PROSTYTUTKI Eugeniusz Priwieziencew 🎥 Polski film dostępny za darmo na YouTube 🎥 Dramat / Film obyczajowy 🎥 Ulka samotnie wychowuje nieślubne dziec... - VAI A FANPAGE.IT: - ISCRIVITI AL CANALE: Ecco cos'è davvero la vita delle trans che si pros... El erotismo es un género cinematográfico orientado a ese tema y en el comportamiento sexual humano, incluyendo escenas de amor. Las escenas eróticas en el ci... Movie Description Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Im a Creative Woman showing you all how I stay Healthy, Happy, and Bring Fun and sexy to everything I do, this is a Lifestyle channel I post weekly ...Fashio... The girls chat about why they love their job and what the difference is between an 'escort' and a 'whore'... head over to All 4 to watch the full show: http:... For Sale American Escort (Full Documentary) Entering the lives of the uber wealthy Russians who have made London their home. From multi-millionaire wine merc... 50+ videos Play all Mix - AMOR LATINO CARLOS VIVES.wmv YouTube; A Las Doce Menos Diez - Duration: 4:02. Carlos Vives 28,549 views. 4:02. La Mona - Duration: 4:07. Carlos ...